Lily Allen Suggests Guy Ritchie & Heather Mills Double Standard

Lily Allen updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lilymusic) on Friday (October 17), sharing her views on the press coverage surrounding and Guy Ritchie after it was announced they were divorcing after a 7 1/2 year marriage. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

So I’m reading the papers today, and I couldn’t help but wonder… Why the press haven’t gone on the attack at Guy Ritchie for walking away with 150 million quids of Madonnas. When only recently we saw a very different story with Heather Mills. Like you, I know nothing of the ins an outs of either party’s negotiations, but then neither do the press really. I just find it weird how it can be one rule for one person and another for another. Thoughts?

Behind And Guy Ritchie’s Divorce

October 16, 2008 – and Guy Ritchie have announced that they will divorce after seven and a half years of marriage. CBS News’ Sheila MacVicar reports on what went wrong. The Sun’s Gordon Smart remarked, “I think it reached they’ve point now where they’ve realized there’s no way they can repair the damage that’s been done. I think in the last few weeks in particular, they’ve had so many arguments that it’s just come to a stage where they’ve decided to finish with the pretense.” Watch the report, aired Thursday (October 16), below the cut.

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2 thoughts on “Lily Allen Suggests Guy Ritchie & Heather Mills Double Standard

  1. kevin says:

    As Lily Allen, said, she doesn’t know anything about either party, neither does the press. All she is saying, is why can’t Guy Richie, walk away with some money, like Heather Mills. It may have been reported, or made up by the press, that he doesn’t want anything, but he could also be trying to keep this a personal matter. These are just her thoughts that’s all.

  2. annonymous says:

    It’s really nothing to do, with Guy Ritchie, Madonna, or Heather Mills, and everything to do with how people are viewed by the press! It’s not me it’s you.. come on like the press doesn’t get that, give us a break! the media and the press need to stop crying, and blaming it on Lily Allen, she didn’t start the war!

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