Lily Allen Thinks She’s In Love With John Mayer

Lily Allen

updated fans on her Twitter account (@lilyroseallen) earlier today with some interesting feelings about . The British singer writes:

I think I’m in love with John Mayer, I watched a DVD of one of his concerts last night, on the bus. His guitar playing is mesmerizing. Sexy

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2 thoughts on “Lily Allen Thinks She’s In Love With John Mayer

  1. Nikki Noodles says:

    A recent report reads that John Mayer (was ) attracted to Jessica Simpson’s spiritual side. Which means that the report implied that John wanted Jessica Simpson to sit there quietly. Well when they were dating that’s just what Jessica Simpson did at times. so.. ah, Lily Allen, Lily Allen, come on folks, LILY ALLEN! No no way, not my girl!

  2. anonymous says:

    Twitter is o.k. to use, for important information, but lily Allen uses it to write down her thoughts when she wants to share them. It’s really not news, just chit chat.

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