Lily Allen Turned To Psychiatric Care Following Miscarriage

spoke with the Telegraph about her miscarriage early last year, which shortly was followed by her split from Chemical Brothers member Ed Simons. ” I guess… it wasn’t to be,” Lily said. “That’s all I can say. I mean, you can kind of say, what if? Maybe if I’d stayed pregnant and had the baby then things would have worked out between me and Ed. I don’t know. You could drive yourself insane thinking about it.”

The ‘Smile’ singer also said the series of events prompted her to check in for mental therapy. “Nuthouse,” she described of her temporary home. “Psychiatric clinic. I stayed there for three weeks. I was really depressed because of the miscarriage and I’d kind of lost the plot a bit. It was quite a nasty time. Actually, it was quite nice being in there. No one could get to me; no one knew I was there.” Read more.

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