Lily Allen Visits Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd

popped in to see Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd in London the other day. She talked about her dog Mable, feeling confident at the moment but admitting to getting upset over being in the papers all the time, what qualifies as bad sex, who she’d break her pledge to remain single this year with, how her previous touring band was quite religious, the 8-pack Jammie Dodgers, and her idea to have herself, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele and Lady Sovereign dress up as the for the Brits.

Talking about her dog Mabel, Lily said, “She’s so amazing. She’s the best dog every. Everyone that meets her thinks she’s go the most incredible temperament. She does exactly what she’s told. She never peed or pooed in my house, and she’s just really affectionate and cool.”

As for whether Lily is good about cleaning up after Mabel when taking her for a walk to do her business, Lily said, “Yeah. There have been a couple of times when I’ve forgotten the bag. Some lady chased me across the street and said, ‘Are you not going to pick that up?’ I went, ‘Yeah, I just forgot my bag. I promise I’ll come back and do it in a minute.’ Everyone that lives around me knows exactly where I live so I have to go and do it because I have this fear people will be sprinkling dog poo all over my drive.”

As for whether she’s frustrated about being in the tabloids and the hit her musical credibility takes because of it, Lily said, “Yes, it is. Someone told me a brilliant quote the other day, Ginger Rogers, she said, ‘Fred Astaire, all he had to do was dance. I had to do it backwards and in heels’. That’s how I feel on the matter.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Lily Allen Visits Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd

  1. anonymous says:

    THIS REALLY WAS A BETTER INTERVIEW! GEOFF Lloyd made Lily Allen feel comfortable, instead of making her feel like she was being probed, about the media coverage. He was relaxed and in control, and did not appear to have a set of preplanned questions. Lily Allen was cute! And I thought it was nice that she wrote Geoff Lloyd is cool on her website. When Lily Allen can do an interview with someone like Russell Brand or Annie Mac or George Lamb, then those are going to be good interviews. We can add Geoff Lloyd to that list. This just further confirms that it’s not her it’s them!

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