Lily Allen’s B-Side Not A Tribute To Cheryl Tweedy

The Mirror reports Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy responded to news that had written a song about her on the B-side of the #1 single ‘Smile’. “I’m really flattered Lily’s written a track about me,” she said. “But I don’t know why she sings about wanting to be as pretty as me as she looks stunning. I’d like to look like her. I love her single and the way she wears trainers and gorgeous dresses. It’s about time we had a really cool British girl out there on the music scene.” But, after Cheryl profuse thanks, Lily pointed out that it is not a tribute. “I don’t want to look like Cheryl Tweedy! It’s tongue in cheek, it’s meant to be ironic,” she said. “I don’t have anything against her as a human being but I think the portrayal of her being the right thing for kids to look up to is wrong. It was a joke that not many people got. Of course nobody really wants to look like Cheryl, they just think they do.”

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One thought on “Lily Allen’s B-Side Not A Tribute To Cheryl Tweedy

  1. Vicktoryaa:) says:

    that is just nasty , Cheryl praised lily and was being really nice and all she can say is something horrible and negative !! she truly is a bitch
    love you Cheryl and always will babe my idol forever sweetie :) xxx

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