Lindi Ortega Can’t Wait To Begin Recording Album Next Month

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Thursday (February 18), discussing plans to begin recording a new album next month, which will be her first full-length album since signing with Cherrytree Records / Interscope Records. The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

I am in a land of creativity and the juices are a flowing! I am going into the studio next month to record the finest songs I’ve ever written! Songs that would never have come about had I not been kicked in the teeth a few times! Songs that came from years of learning and listening and finally having this magical CLICK in my mind and a vision come to fruition!

I cannot wait…. like a 4 year old on Christmas eve, to show you what I’m working on! I am so very excited to work with the amazingly talented people that we have recruited to play on this album… and bring to life these new tunes!!!

I know its been a long wait… TRUST ME I KNOW, I’ve been waiting too! But thing are finally moving, wheels are in motion… and I promise you.. the wait will soon be over!

The entire message has since been removed.

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