Lindsay Kirstuik Becomes Emotional Becoming Avril Lavigne

While Lindsay Kirstiuk of Edmonton says that the experience of ‘Becoming’ on MTV was amazing, she didn’t expect it to be quite as emotional as it ended up being. “I had a lot of fun,” she told Chart Attack. “I didn’t think I’d get emotional, but when I did the final interview, I went through all the memories and I started crying like a baby. I’ll never forget the experience – it’s been the best time in my life. MTV took really good care of me, they made sure I was eating and hydrated and got lots of rest.”

Showered With Marriage Proposals

November 22, 2002 – WENN reports has attracted a legion of male admirers and she welcomes it. “I get guys wanting to marry me all the time. It is so sweet,” Lavigne said. “They come up to me and give me roses and inside the card it says, ‘Marry me’ and there’s a telephone number. It’s cute. I don’t mind. I’m a girl so, of course, I like it.”

Avril Does Hung Over Phone Interview From Mexico

November 22, 2002 – Freshly 18 year old Avril Lavigne did a phone interview with Rolling Stone magazine where she was asked what she did the previous night. “Well, I’m in Mexico and I’m eighteen, so I’m drinking-age here, and Mexico is known for its tequila, so let’s just leave it at that,” she replied. Asked to sum up her year in five words, Avril said, “It’s been… aw, man. Sorry, I’m really hung over right now. Five words… fu**. You’re makin’ me think.” Later in the interview, she answered, “OK… this year has been insane. This year has been fu**ed. This year has been wicked. This year has been inspiring. This year has been good to me.”

Avril Lavigne Hockey Stick & Helmet Fetch $600

November 18, 2002 – The helmet and hockey stick used by Avril Lavigne at her 18th birthday celebration were autographed by the singer and donated by Arista Records to the T.J. Martell Foundation for auctioning. All proceeds of this charity fundraising auction went towards leukemia, cancer, and AIDS research. The high bidder paid $600 for the items.

Is Avril Lavigne The Most Real Thing Or A Poser?

November 16, 2002 – The New Straits Times Press examined Avril Lavigne and those that back her as “the most real thing” and others, including her fired first manager Cliff Fabri, as a fraud. Fabri fumed, “The expectations now are that she’s this bad ass, smashing her guitar in a slick video. That’s as programmed as anything else… Avril has the potential to be real, but right now, she’s a poseur.”

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