Lindsay Lohan At Tao

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Last night a few of my ibanking friends and I went to Tao on 58th after the Knicks game. As soon as we entered, I brushed shoulders with Lindsay Lohan. I was immediately in shock and introduced myself. She shook my hand. Since I was pretty buzzed I said to her “you are mean girl” (which I meant as “hot”) and she started laughing. Her bodyguard then started to back away as soon as they started chatting with us.

As the night continued, we met some girls and were having a good time and she came over to our section and sat for about five minutes. I said to her “I know you get this about 1000 times but this will be the 1001st, you are beautiful!” She laughed again and told her bodyguard to bring over some drinks from the bar. After finishing our drinks, she left Tao. I came into work the next day still smiling from the night before. She is the sweetest person I have ever met.

Lindsay Lohan Chats With WBLI

Lindsay Lohan was in studio with Steve & Maria on WBLI in Long Island on Wednesday (December 1) to promote her debut album ‘Speak’, which is out on Tuesday. Lindsay revealed that she’s sick again and talked about her recent hospitalization, not wanting to get her tonsils removed, being in the news non-stop, the break-up with Wilmer Valderrama, her dad’s problems and how she loves him but doesn’t respect him, her starring role in ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’, working with Jamie Lee Curtis on ‘Freaky Friday’, her busy schedule, and more.

The interview audio and pictures at have since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan Chats With Jackie & Bender

Lindsay Lohan phoned into the Jackie & Bender Show on KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Thursday (December 2) to talk about her new album ‘Speak’ out on Tuesday. They talked about all the attention she’s getting in the media, the bout with exhaustion, she revealed her next single will be ‘Over’, filming ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’, her love for shopping, Christmas gifts, the break-up with Wilmer Valderrama, 90% of gossip about her being crap, and more. The interview has since been removed from

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