Lindsay Lohan At XIV Karats Ltd. In Beverly Hills

was spotted exiting XIV Karats Ltd. over the weekend after doing some jewelry shopping in Beverly Hills. The 21-year-old was wearing a grey dress and black shoes and coat, carrying a black handbag. Watch footage below.

Ronson Not A Bad Influence On Lohan Say Friends

Lindsay Lohan’s pal spoke with the New York Post over continued claims she’s an enabler and a bad influence on the actress/singer. “It’s frustrating that I have to make a comment about my friends, but apparently taking the high road only generates false allegations,” the DJ said. “Those who know me know the truth. I’m not sure where or why these rumors started, but that’s all they are.” One Lohan pal said Ronson is “a good influence in Lindsay’s life” and “has stopped Lindsay from destructive behavior in the past.”

Mom Says Has Been Given A New Start

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina spoke with People magazine following the 21-year-old’s 84 minute jail stay as part of her plea agreement on a pair of DUI charges at the Century Regional Detention Center In Lynwood, California. “Lindsay has been given a new start and will put this behind her,” Dina insisted. “She is focused on educating others of the dangers of drinking and driving.” Read more.

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