Lindsay Lohan Bans Simpson Sisters From Party?

Perhaps fearing a confrontation over her alleged Sidekick messages to Paris Hilton, The New York Daily News reports barred Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee Simpson from her MTV Movie Awards after-party at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles.

“Jessica and Ashlee pulled up to the valet to go to the party, and they told them they were not allowed in, by Lindsay’s request,” a guest revealed. “All of the staff was told not to let them in. Basically high school drama. Jessica tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal, and left, but you could tell she was crushed. The valet boys were laughing.”

Though Lohan’s PR rep insisted the incident was just a “misunderstanding at the door”, a source close to the ‘Herbie’ star insisted: “Lindsay did not want them in there.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Plan To Punish Paparazzi

‘Celebrity Justice’ has learned has retained a top Los Angeles lawyer, Jay Lavely of Lavely and Singer, to go after photographer Gaio Ramirez after he rammed into her Mercedes Benz earlier this week. “I know hundreds of celebrities that have complained to me that their lives have been put in some kind of danger,” L.A. publicist Michael Levine said. Levine said stars are outraged over this latest paparazzi car-chase.

Discusses ‘Scary’ Car Accident

Lindsay Lohan spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ at Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday Celebration after her car accident with a paparazzo. “It was pretty scary,” Lohan admitted. “I didn’t expect anything to happen. I turned my head to talk to my friend and got rammed in the side.”

Lohan Was Trying To Find Police When Benz Was Broadsided

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, Jay Lavely, tells The New York Daily News reports the teen queen “was being pursued by paparazzi” when Fame Agency photographer Galo Ramirez rammed into her $180,000 Mercedes SL65.

“She was trying to find the police when she was broadsided. She was very shaken up. As she was sitting in the car, other paparazzi kept snapping her picture and videotaping her.” Lavely added, “I knew it was just a matter of time before something like this happened.”

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