Lindsay Lohan Better Not Ask To Duet With Larrikin Love caught up with Larrikin Love for a Q&A, asking the group a hypothetical question if Lindsay Lohan decided she wanted to try her hand at singing again but needed a cool band to give her cred, what they’d say if she asked to do a duet with the group. “I’d kick her in the face,” frontman Edward Larrikin responded. “I’d drag her eyes out and pin them to a wall.” Guitarist Micko Larkin added, “I’d give her a big hug and say, ‘Stop being so silly, it’s OK’. She’d probably be crying, so I’d comfort her and maybe bring her back to mine so we can have some jam sandwiches.” Ed then said, “I’d be way more violent than that with her.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Runs To ‘The Insider’

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina tells ‘The Insider’ there’s no doubt life in the microscope has made life challenging for her daughter. “It’s like they build you up to tear you down to build you back up again,” she explained. “I mean, the child can’t even go to Starbucks without someone saying, ‘Oh, her hair looks …'” Dina also pointed out the difficulty Lindsay has had when it comes to finding close and supportive friends in Hollywood. “She’s like, ‘Mommy, I have no friends’.” Dina said. “You know, she has one or two, but you don’t really trust why they’re there.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Appendix Is In Her Freezer

The Daily Mail reports Lindsay Lohan, who had her appendix removed two weeks ago, was so worried it would end up on eBay, she decided to keep the appendix in her freezer. It shouldn’t have been a worry though, as the auction site’s policy bans the sale of body parts. Read more, including news on how Brandon Davis convinced the 20-year-old to go to rehab like the oil heir did after calling Lindsay “firecrotch” in a drunken rant, here.

Scott Storch Guided Lindsay Lohan To Rehab?

Janet Charlton reports that after a night of heavy partying with Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis, music producer Scott Storch said “Enough is enough!”, realizing Lohan was way too messed up on booze and perhaps some white powder. A few days, later, Storch suggested Lindsay and Brandon both go to rehab and volunteered to take them. While both agreed, when it came down to actually going to Wonderland Center, Davis backed out. Read more.

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    Good for Scott Storch whatever happens with her at least he can look back and say that he tried to help and have her seek help. He knows there’s still hope for her.

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