Lindsay Lohan Channels Marilyn Monroe

Marc S. Malkin of ‘The Insider’ reports that while browsing the items at the Marilyn Monroe auction at Meson G restaurant, a friend of Monroe’s approached Lindsay Lohan. She said she was getting chills looking at Lindsay because she walked, talked and posed just like Marilyn. Lindsay was so enthralled with the Marilyn memorabilia that she said she wanted to buy the entire lot. As for stains on any of the dresses, she already had a plan: “I’ll just cover them with Harry Winston diamonds.”

Lindsay Lohan: I Don’t Have An Eating Disorder

Lindsay Lohan insisted to ‘Extra’ that the truth is she does not have an eating disorder. “It’s not like I don’t eat or anything,” the teen queen said. “I wouldn’t put myself in harm’s way. I wouldn’t do anything like that. I’m not going to jeopardize my health in any way. I’m growing up and getting to that age where I’m losing my fat.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Embraces God In Lockup

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael speaks with ‘A Current Affair’ tonight from the Nassau County, where he revealed that he’s turning to God. “I want to go into a ministry to learn more about what connects people to their spirituality,” Lohan said, adding, “I’d like to actually get into homeless shelters or a spiritual rehab or things of that nature that will help people get out of the rut they’re in and turn their life and their will over to God instead of taking their will back – like I did on certain occasions.”

Jessica Simpson In Tirade After Getting 86’d By Lindsay Lohan

The New York Post reports Jessica Simpson was fuming mad at Jimmy Fallon’s MTV Movie Awards after party at the Argyle Hotel on Saturday night. “She was screaming how she was going to kick her butt, and had to be separated from Lindsay,” a source said. “Ashlee wasn’t so upset, but Jessica was furious because she says she is a star and should be let in everywhere.” And when Lohan did show up, they ended up making up after Lohan “explained it was a mistake that they were not let into her party.”

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