Lindsay Lohan Discusses Samantha Ronson Romance, Ex-Boyfriends & Michael

In an interview with The Sun, opens up about her relationship with Samantha Ronson, saying that she hopes the pair reconcile and that if her lesbian romance with the DJ can’t be saved, she’ll probably be with a boy next. The 23-year-old also dismissed her “long time ago” fling with Colin Farrell and “not worth talking about” romance with Calum Best. Lohan said a rumored relationship with Heath Ledger was “a touchy subject” and was “really sad” when the actor died.

As for Lindsay’s strained relationship with her father Michael, she said she tried protecting her siblings from his wrath, but that his form of abuse was verbal, never physical. Michael did hit Lindsay’s mother Dina though when she was younger. “I think my family is part of the reason I’ve made mistakes,” Lindsay reasoned. “I think it’s just the pressure of wanting to please everyone. That’s always been hard.”

The entire interview at has since been removed.

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