Lindsay Lohan Feels Vindicated After Alcohol Test Comes Back Negative

is reacting to news that E! reported saying that the court ordered urine sample the star was ordered to give after her SCRAM bracelet set off an alert early in the morning on June 7th following the MTV Movie Awards came back negative. Lindsay told her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan): – finally
the truth, is refreshing.

Lindsay Lohan Wishes The Paparazzi Would Disappear

Lindsay Lohan sounded off on the paparazzi to her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan) on Sunday (June 13), wishing dealing with the snappers wasn’t a 24/7 situation after getting hosed outside Bardot in West Hollywood early that morning. LiLo writes:

Can’t paparazzi just disappear for one night? Just so I don’t have severe anxiety? Its like, one night off – like work days and weekends!!!!

I’m rambling now…but if not that – arrest them LAPD for their reckless driving and running stop signs & lights for once!

Warrant Issued For Lindsay Lohan’s Arrest

Lindsay Lohan checked in with her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan) earlier today, denying reports that her alcohol monitoring anklet went off after Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards. LiLo writes:

My scram wasn’t set off.
My scram wasn’t set off – It’s physically impossible considering I’ve nothing for it to go off – All of these false reports are absolutely wrong
This is all because of a FALSE accusation by tabloids & paparazzi & it is fu**ing digusting – I’ve been more than I’m compliance & feeling great

But now TMZ is reporting that a bench warrant has been issued for the 23-year-old after her SCRAM bracelet generated a report to SCRAM officials. Sources are saying there was evidence of alcohol use. Bail has been set at $200,000.

Update: The warrant was recalled after bail bondsman David Perez posted the standard 10% of bail ($20,000) earlier this evening.

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