Lindsay Lohan Gets ‘Totally Smashed’ At Hollywood Hills Party?

OK! reports Lindsay Lohan has fallen further off the wagon following her split from Samantha Ronson, partying at a birthday bash for James Krisel in the Hollywood Hills. The 22-year-old was accompanied by Patrick Aufdencamp. A guest says Linds was “beyond incoherent” and “totally smashed” after “people were pouring vodka into her red party cup all night.”

Update: Ken Baker of E! just posted on Twitter (@kenbakernow):

LiLo just told me she was NOT boozing the other night and is sober…so, despite blogs, no rehab-watch twitterers!

‘Weekend Sunrise’ Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Breakup

‘Weekend Sunrise’ AllStars commented on the Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson breakup over the weekend, with Prue MacSween feeling unimpressed about LiLo. “I mean who is this woman and who cares,” Prue moaned. “Why are we even talking about this silly cow. I don’t care!” Watch the segment below.

Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Are Still Speaking After Breakup

A Lindsay Lohan friend tells People magazine that the 22-year-old is “heartbroken” following her Samantha Ronson breakup. “Sam and Lindsay are speaking,” the source said. “But Sam has begged Lindsay to get help. Lindsay, despite appearances, is insecure and has relied on Samantha and their relationship to build her up.”

A friend added that Lindsay’s kid sister Ali “has been there for her and coaching her through [the split].”

Ali & Lindsay Lohan Visit Byron & Tracey Salon

Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali were spotted visiting the Byron & Tracey in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (April 8). The siblings were swarmed by the paparazzi leaving the salon. LiLo was next seen solo walking into another shop, ignoring a paparazzi suggestion she send out a message to Samantha Ronson. Watch footage below.

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