Lindsay Lohan Goes Clubbing On Christmas Eve

Star magazine reports Lindsay Lohan joined her friend Brittny Gastineau of the E! reality show ‘The Gastineau Girls’ at Lotus nightclub in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. “They arrived in a group of about five or six people,” a source told the tab. “They were sent a round of watermelon martini shots, and they were also comped a bottle of vodka. But Lindsay didn’t drink.” The tipster added that the singer/actress told a club staffer, that “she was with her family earlier for Christmas eve and was catching up with her New York friends.”

Seven Days Sober For Lindsay Lohan

Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Friday night, “I’ll end with this, your daily Lindsay Lohan news. Lindsay has announced that she hasn’t had a drink in seven days. Now, listen, this sounds like a great accomplishment until you find out the reason she hasn’t had a drink in seven days – she’s been passed out drunk.”

Is Lindsay Lohan Boozing Again?

The New York Daily News reports Lindsay Lohan, with her hood up the whole night, was spotted consuming several unidentifiable drinks from the bar while taking in a performance by Under the Influence of Giants Tuesday night (December 19) at the DKNY Jeans/Complex magazine party at Cinespace.

More Dangerous Driving From Lindsay Lohan

While in the middle of Hollywood traffic with cars whizzing by, Lindsay Lohan was videotaped dangerously ducking her head behind the steering wheel of her black Mercedes to avoid being seen by the paparazzi, and later drove off with her hand covering her face.

Footage from has since been removed.

‘In The Year 2000’ Ft. Lindsay Lohan & Britney Spears

During the regular ‘In The Year 2000’ skit on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Tuesday night (December 19), Ben Stiller predicted: “John Mayer’s career will immediately end when it’s revealed he wrote the song, ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ for Barbara Walters.” Conan then predicted: “Lindsay Lohan will finally give up alcohol when she discovers an organic tea that produces all-natural bad decisions.” Conan later predicted: “Britney Spears’ gynecologist will tell Britney, ‘You don’t need to come in for a check-up this year. I examined you in the newspaper’.”

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