Lindsay Lohan: I Relate To Older Men Better

Lindsay Lohan is featured as the cover girl in Cosmopolitan magazine, where they asked the 19-year-old if she always falls for older guys. “I date men who are older because I relate to them better,” she responded. “I feel a lot older than 19. I’ve grown up fast, with or without this business, because of what has gone on in my family. I’m the oldest [of four] so I became responsible at a very young age. All of my friends are older than I am, and I take care of them. It makes me feel good. I’m a giver, not a taker.”

Parties End For Underaged Stars After TMZ Expose

Josh from’s Chatter Zone reports that when he was at Privlege on Saturday night, 19-year-old Lindsay Lohan was turned away as clubs in Hollywood crack down on underaged drinking thanks to the website’s previous expose.

Lindsay Lohan Expecting An Oscar Next Year

Lindsay Lohan is already thinking about next year and a supposed plan to win herself an Oscar. At Chateau Marmont on Saturday night, she and stylist Rachel Zoe talked Oscars 2007. “I cannot wait until next year for my Oscar campaign,” Lohan cooed, according to ‘The Insider’ correspondent Marc Malkin. “I am so excited.” Malkin added that Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie who “weren’t together that much” at the Vanity Fair after party.

Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Do Parties Without Freebies

The New York Post reports Lindsay Lohan was spotted abruptly leaving the Dior party at the Chateau Marmont after being told that there were no gift bags.

Lindsay Lohan’s Entourage Roughs Up Paparazzi

Lindsay Lohan was videotaped exiting a restaurant in Los Angeles the other night with what the described as “an entourage who behaved like jerks.” They added, “Two of these guys pushed blocked the paparazzi away. It was very annoying and ridiculous because by the way Lindsay was smiling and pretty much appeared to want to be photographed.” has since removed the video.

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2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan: I Relate To Older Men Better

  1. galleta says:

    This is laughable….this ban will last all of 6 seconds…these clubs won’t thrive unless young Hollywood frequents them….no worries for Lindsay and others they will be partying by next month.

  2. hooker says:

    lindsay, she is a slut. she sleep with everyone, eww, I feel vomiting. she is one, of, the celebrities, I don’t admire because she is flirty likes, of jwhorepez, slut Jessica and parish(who are good friends, ekk), Britney and so many others. I think, Lindsay has a HERPES, and, it scared me to death, because, I think, she’s like, a lady, pretending to be a woman, but, deep down, she’s hiding in the closet, she’s a LESBIAN. oh my god, so many celebrities, in music, are hiding in the closet, as well, whether, men or women, it is not known by the public, sure of that, eh. IT’S LIKE, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN AND TRANSAMERICA WERE CAUGHT HAVING AN AFFAIR OR SEX, BEFORE. OMG, WHEN I LEARNED OF THAT THING, I GOT SCARED, TO BE HONEST. GAYS AND LESBIANS, HIDING UNDER THE CLOSET, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE IN HOLLYWOOD, TRUST ME. YOU PEOPLE, YOU GOT ME TRULY SCARED. COME ON, WHY NOT COME OUT AND ADMIT YOUR TRUE GENDER, PLEASE. COME TO THINK OF IT, TONIGHT IS OSCAR, PERHAPS, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN AND TRANSAMERICA MIGHT GET AN AWARD. I AM NOT SURPRISE, BECAUSE, SO MANY, GAYS AND LESBIANS IN SHOWBIZ, WHETHER, IN MUSIC OR MOVIES, SPORTS, POLITICS. WHY O WHY, THERE ARE NOT TOO MANY OF GOOD ROLE MODELS, ALREADY, EH? MY HEART BREAKS OH GOD.

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