Lindsay Lohan: I’m A Good Person Who Wants To Work

Lindsay Lohan is speaking out regarding speculation about her relationship with Samantha Ronson. “They need to stop saying we’re fighting,” the 22-year-old tells E! News. “People telling lies about me to her and all this garbage. I’m really a good person and I have a good heart and just want to work. The only reason I go to clubs is to hear Samantha spin or be normal.”

As for whether she’s fallen off the wagon after three stints in rehab in 2007, Lohan insists she’s clean. “I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs and I don’t lie,” she said. “I love to act and write and be creative, and I want to help people by playing characters that can send a positive message out to whomever may need it.”

Lindsay Lohan Comforted By New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Material

Lindsay Lohan checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (March 24), commenting on new music from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Strokes. Lohan tells readers:

Music is comforting!
Current mood: blissful
Category: Music
I love this song- and I love “Heads will Roll” off this record… they’re great.. also, I hear that The Strokes are in the studio recording a new record… love music xoxo l
Currently listening:
It’s Blitz!
By Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Release date: 2009-03-31

Lindsay Lohan Having Trouble Finding Work

Lindsay Lohan opened up about her troubles finding film work in a cover story for Nylon magazine. “It’s scary when you realize, ‘Oh my God, I’m not working. And I have a house to pay for now’,” the 22-year-old admitted, “and there’s been some things I’ve really wanted to do. Like the one movie I’ve wanted to do for so long is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ [directed by Tim Burton]. But, um, that didn’t work out… it is what it is.”

Lindsay also weighed in on fellow tabloid magnet Britney Spears. “She’s marketed as an entertainer, which is what she is,” Lohan explained. “Not necessarily as, like, an artist. And I respect that about her, cause she doesn’t want to pretend.”

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