Lindsay Lohan Impatient, Difficult On ‘Just My Luck’ Set

An insider on the set of Lindsay Lohan’s film ‘Just My Luck’ in New Orleans tells In Touch magazine that the teen queen’s mood has been both “impatient” and “difficult.” One day Lohan told the extras, “That’s a wrap!” after the last take. “The director and assistant looked a little startled,” the insider revealed. Another time Lohan “was complaining all day. A lot of the crew were saying how difficult it was to work with her.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Not Concerned With Dad’s Car Crash

After her father Michael had a near brush with death crashing his car while drunk, friends say showed no sign of being upset. “She couldn’t care less about what happened,” a source revealed to Us Weekly. A friend of the family complained, “This is [Dina and Lindsay’s] husband and father. You’d think they’d have some sympathy for him. But that is not the case.”

The teen queen may be trying to escape the family drama as she told Us, “I’m going to go to Paris [for Summer vacation].”

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4 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Impatient, Difficult On ‘Just My Luck’ Set

  1. astrange1 says:

    Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts have earned the right to be b*tchy on the set if they want to….not this spoiled little twit. Then she wonders why she can’t get better roles. If she doesn’t change her act, in a few years, she may wonder why she can’t get any roles. At least she’ll be able to hang out with Tara Reid and they can cry in their drinks together.

  2. Cabati says:

    haha yeah, the only difference is, Tara at least was able to get breast implants and squeeze back into the spotlight for 30 seconds, Lindsay’s out of luck.

  3. Starlet01 says:

    I’m sorry but, this story is a bunch of garbage. First they report that the girl pasted out and was dehydrated and overwhelmed by all of her family drama and now they are painting a new picture. A nasty picture that I find to be untrue. I think this story was made up because Lindsay’s been laying low and distancing herself from her father and her parents divorce war. For the entertainment news world this is a new low.

  4. andy mitchell says:

    Lindsay Lohan is just a confused young woman. She had a crazy acting father and a dysfunctional family. People that are confused act out and are not calm. She needs our sympathy, love and support.

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