Lindsay Lohan Is Back To Work

Lindsay Lohan road trip

has been keeping busy with work, telling fans about it on Twitter (@sevinnyne6126). Lohan writes:

Working too late and I have horrible jet lag!!!! But, working feels good/being productive …

London, Italy, Paris, Greece. Go figure

On the move again. Where to next?

Is Missing Samantha Ronson

While Samantha Ronson was away deejaying in the Philippines, her on/off girlfriend had this to say on her Twitter (@sevinnyne6126) on Thursday (May 21):

Missing a certain someone after a massage and chicken noodle soup….. U(she) knows… Cuddle time soon I hope – fly safe xsoxojxoxor

Paparazzi Blamed For Setting Off Lindsay Lohan’s Home Alarm

Lindsay Lohan’s neighbors are coming to the defense of the 22-year-old after police officers responded to a burglar alarm at her Los Angeles home. One told the paparazzi were the likely alarm trigger. “They bashed the camera outside her house and punched two large holes in her hedge to see if she was around,” a neighbor said. “The photographers are always hanging around and they know when she is in town or not, so, they could have easily tried to break-in.”

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