Lindsay Lohan: Is Fame Too Much For Her?

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I just wanted to talk a little about Lindsay recently bashing the paparazzi and always talking about how being a celebrity is such a downer for her. Now, we all know that there are some downsides to being a celebrity, just like in any other career. But I think that in Lindsay’s case, it just seems a bit ridiculous that she’s always complaining about it, while all the media attention was what got her fame as a young adult today instead of remaining a child star in her Disney days. Here are her mistakes that I believe are the things that she should not have done, or should have avoided, or could avoid, if she cares so much about protecting her image:

Mistake #1: Sure, there are many rumors about her that aren’t true, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to go away by releasing a whole song based on that! No matter what, there’s nothing hot about an artists singing about the woes of being famous. Because for one, it makes them look silly. If being a celebrity is so hard then why not work at McDonald’s or something, then you won’t have any problem with people invading your privacy. And second, it just looks ungrateful. Not to say that celebrities should enjoy the paparazzi and rumors, but still, why not just get over it, rumors will come and go no matter how many songs you sing about it.

Mistake #2: Her partying ways. Now, I don’t think Lindsay is like or anything, but if she didn’t dress like a skank and call people names then maybe she wouldn’t have attracted so much press. Those rumors have to start somewhere. Sometimes it’s her mouth that starts them. If she wants the rumors to stop, then stop talking dirt. As for the rumors about her boobs, well, she should be kind of flattered that people even notice! So what if people think they’re fake…it makes her look like an egomaniac when she constantly has to say how real her boobs are in every interview. We get it already. Real or not, they’re just boobs!

Mistake #3: Dissing her exes. She seems to take pride in trying to diss them in the public, for instance, like when she dissed Wilmer on TRL. How old is she, 12? That is just childish and stuck up. She’s not helping her image or the rumors if she’s doing stuff like that. She needs to learn to grow up and act like an adult for once.

Mistake #4: Constantly complaining. Like I said before, why does she expect the rumors to stop if she’s constantly whining about being a celebrity? Quite frankly it’s annoying when any celebrity complains about their fame. Sure, it’s not the best, and sure, you get stalked sometimes, and your image is at stake many times, but those things can be corrected and prevented. It’s not as if she has to work her butt off to pay her bills, to make a decent paycheck, to go to a good school, or pay debts and such. She has it all going for her now. I just don’t understand why celebrities complain about their fame once they have it. And how they complain while us average everyday people are struggling just to make money, while they make money just for releasing a crappy movie, or taking one photo for a magazine, etc. I mean c’mon, the movies and/or albums they release don’t even have to be spectacular, they will make millions in a month. So what’s there to be complaining about! Not only that, but most celebrities seem to have the best nutritionists to have a healthy diet, people to help them remain built and fit, and just anybody for that matter that makes their life easier! It’s not like they actually have to get up to choose what they have to wear and have to wake up early in the morning to cook breakfast. It just annoys me that celebrities just take what they have for granted. And with Lindsay, I mean c’mon, she’s so young and has so much fame and wealth, how many young people her age actually has that?

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