Lindsay Lohan Linked To Edoardo Costa & Fabrizio In Capri

An Italian journalist claimed to X17 that celebrated her trip to Capri, Italy over the weekend by spending 500 euros on alcohol and then spending the night with a young Italian musician named Fabrizio. The pair were photographed exchanging numbers and later were reportedly seen clubbing together before capping the night off at the 21-year-old’s hotel room. The next day, Lohan was eyed flirting with 40-year-old Italian actor Edoardo Costa, with the two later seen going to his room at the Hotel La Palma. Check out pictures of Lindsay with the two men at X17.

Update: TMZ now identifies the guy X17 said was “Fabrizio” as a bartender from Rome named Alessandro Di Nunzio.

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Sticks Up For Spears Family

In wake of Jamie Lynn Spears’ announcement that she’s pregnant, Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael is rushing to the 16-year-old and her family’s defense. “People just don’t realize what it’s like to live under the whirlwind that families like mine and the Spears and other families out there are caught up in,” Lohan told ‘Extra’. “It takes a lot to hold it together.” Read more.

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