Lindsay Lohan Losing Jill Stuart Deal?

The New York Daily News reports Lindsay Lohan’s pre-rehab troubles may put a premature end to her deal with the fashion label Jill Stuart and the fall campaign the actress/singer is the face of.

“The Japanese [Jill Stuart] licensee paid for it, and they wanted to pull the plug when she went to rehab,” a source explained. “Japan accounts for the lion’s share of the business.”

But Jill Stuart CEO Ron Curtis responded, “The ads are running as planned, and we have the utmost support for Lindsay and her rehabilitation, and she is doing great.”

Miss Teen USA: Lindsay, Paris & Nicole Setting Bad Examples

Miss Teen USA Katie Blair spoke with OK! magazine about the troubles that stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and have gotten in lately. “The examples they’ve been setting of late are absolutely horrible,” Katie said. “Unfortunately, I think the girls that look up to them are in the wrong age range. If you’re 14, you haven’t matured yet. You haven’t made your own decisions and you shouldn’t be looking up to those girls.”

Did X17 Steal Lindsay Lohan’s Camera With Knife Pictures?

Celebrity Babylon is claiming that the images of Lindsay Lohan playing with knives with Vanessa Minnillo were not stolen from her apartment by friends, but were taken by a X17 photographer. “Those photos were stolen by a paparazzi when Lindsay went to The Ivy for lunch,” a former X17 employee revealed. “[The photog] waited until the valet parked her car [the infamous Mercedes convertible] and then reached inside, took her camera that was just laying on the seat, downloaded the photos on to his laptop hard drive, and put the camera back. By the time the valet brought Lindsay’s car around, everything was just the way it was when she got out, and she had no clue what had happened.”

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