Lindsay Lohan Planning A Sabbatical? reports is looking to take time off from her busy acting and partying schedule to travel the globe. “I might take a vacation – take a year off. I want to travel and learn more about other cultures,” she said. “The more I’ve grown up, the more I want to do that.”

Mom Wants To Take On Action Roles

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina tells Star magazine she’d like the 20-year-old singer/actress to follow Angelina Jolie and get into action films like ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’. “I would love to see her in an action movie, like an Angelina Jolie movie,” Dina said. “I would like to see her in a kickboxing movie. She could do it.”

The story at has since been removed.

Inmate Sticks Up For Lindsay Lohan’s Dad

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael has a fellow inmate coming to his defense at the Collins Correctional Facility against allegations that he’s a braggart and name-dropper who talks only about his famous daughter. “I have known and become very good friends with Michael,” writes Ronnie Morgan, inmate #96B0326. “Michael lives in the spirit of God’s love and somehow prays daily for those who constantly persecute him; he’s a better man than I. I feel as though I know his children from the numerous conversations that we have had, and I’ve never personally met them.”

Out And About In Beverly Hills

Lindsay Lohan looked in fine form out and about in Beverly Hills. Wearing skinny jeans, a vintage Bob Dylan t-shirt, newsboy cap and aviators she also wore gold ballet slippers with a matching cropped motorcycle jacket. Lohan was all smiles as she entered a store holding a drawstring bucket bag. Footage at requires an account.

Lindsay Lohan Visits Teddy’s

Lindsay Lohan took a break from her usual scene at Hyde, making a visit to Teddy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt on Wednesday night with a new mystery man. After the two got into Lindsay’s black Mercedes Benz, they burned rubber out of the hotspot.

Footage at has since been removed.

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