Lindsay Lohan Reacts To Travis Barker, DJ AM Plane Crash

Lindsay Lohan checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindsaylohan) on Saturday ( 20) following news Travis Barker and DJ were both in critical condition after their plane crashed last night in South Carolina, which left the other four people in the Learjet dead. Lohan writes:

Horrible news…

Please send your prayers out to Adam Goldstien and Travis Barker – along with the others lost in the plane crash…

It’s so scary to think that life can end so fast… We must all treasure each and every moment- and be thankful for what we have…

All my love..

Leno On Lindsay Lohan Speaking Out Against Sarah Palin

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “In her blog, Lindsay Lohan this week is speaking out. Lindsay Lohan has come out against Sarah Palin. Although most people are reserving judgment until they hear from Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson. You know, I want to make an informed decision. I need all three points of view.”

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  1. Penafrancia Fiesta Military Parade 2009 says:

    i heard from the news that the death of DJ AM could have been from drugs.

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