Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Hug For Paps, But No Kisses

and Samantha Ronson were spotted emerging from Fred Segal Feet in Beverly Hills on Sunday (September 21). Ronson said “we’re praying for them” when asked about their friends DJ and Travis Barker, who were in critical condition following a plane crash late Friday.

They were next week at Larchmont Beauty Center in Los Angeles, with Lindsay hugging the DJ affectionately as the paparazzi looked on. After returning to Sam’s car, the paparazzo asked Sam to kiss Lindsay, with Sam responding, “For you?” and ignoring the request.

Watch footage via YouTube below.

Sam Sparro Teams With On Her New Album

‘Black & Gold’ singer Sam Sparro spoke with ITN about his upcoming UK tour and his plans to work with Lindsay Lohan on her next record.

“Well Lindsay got in touch through her label because she liked ‘Black & Gold’. Yeah, she really liked the song and she was working on her record and got in touch with me. And yeah, we met, the plan was to get together and do some stuff. But at the moment, we haven’t because I’m in the UK and she’s in New York. I’m touring, she’s doing TV. It’s like haven’t been able to get in the studio yet, but it’s definitely a possibility and I think it would be really fun.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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