Lindsay Lohan Sets Her Sights On Jude Law

Star magazine reports that is eyeing Jude Law after he was dumped for cheating on fiance Sienna Miller with his children’s nanny, Daisy Wright. “Lindsay told me she feels the chances of Sienna truly being able to forget Jude’s infidelity are slim,” a source revealed, adding that the teen queen is waiting for the couple to permanently split so she can move in. “If the relationship blows up again, Lindsay says she wouldn’t mind being around to pick up the pieces.”

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6 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Sets Her Sights On Jude Law

  1. malibu says:

    is this true? with star, I dunno, but Lindsay doesn’t strike me as someone who would be interested in jude law. and I’m sorry he is good looking, but something about him gives me a ‘gay’ vibe. and cheating? ehh, why would anyone want a cheater? is she really that self assured to think she can change him? sorry lindsay, if he’s even heard of you, he would probably laugh and dismiss you as a teenybopper fan like all the rest.

  2. MusicTodayBlows says:

    I got that ‘gay’ vibe about him too. I also don’t think he’s good looking at all

  3. mysteriouscris says:

    ever since Lindsay admitted to telling false stories to her “friends” to see which ones ended up in the tabloids, I can never really believe anything I read about her.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    How? It’s called testing your friendships. It’s something most people have to do’, ‘just to figure out who they can trust.

  5. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    Ugh, this girl is something else. just a matter of time before Jude is seen in public with herpes.

  6. Starlet01 says:

    I agree, I think one of her “friends” are spreading a fake story. LOL

    This has got to be the most outrageous fake story I’ve ever read. For one Jude Law is not even all that attractive. Secondly, isn’t Jude & Sienna in Britain & Lindsay’s visiting between New York & Los Angeles while putting the finishing touches on her movie Just My Luck & supporting her mom & siblings through her parents divorce. Where would she find the time to break up Jude & Sienna. Why take an ex wife & ex girlfriend/ex fiance left overs when you can have someone young, hot, & new. Obviously, Jude is not boyfriend nor husband material. Lindsay can do so much better for herself. I’m sure this story is media buzz garbage.

    I strongly doubt Lindsay has herpes & I doubt Lindsay is interested in Jude NASTY Law

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