Lindsay Lohan ‘Stuck’

A new song from has leaked online called ‘Stuck’, which the 23-year-old may have slipped to Perez Hilton after attending the gossip guru’s birthday bash over the weekend. Lohan did tell a follower on Twitter that “I still wonder who leaked part of ‘Stuck’.”

“I am stuck, stuck, stuck. I can try to run but I am out of luck, luck, luck. It doesn’t matter where I go, I feel stuck,” she sings on the track that seems to mirror her personal life. Listen to the song below.

Police Considered Placing Under Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Police who are called to assist on late nights and early mornings from the paparazzi were close to placing her in an involuntary psychiatric hold. The cops tell TMZ they have been concerned about LiLo’s worsening “erratic behavior” and “attitude” and discussed taking her in for a 5150 evaluation. Because Lohan didn’t meet all the criteria for a 5150, they decided she could still care for herself.

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