Lindsay Lohan Tells Her Story, And The Music World Cringes

Lindsay Lohan 'A Little More Personal (Raw)'

Glenn Gamboa of Newsday reviewed Lindsay Lohan’s new album ‘A Little More Personal (Raw)’, giving the disc a ‘D’ grade, calling it “the sonic equivalent of borrowing a Mercedes to crash it into a wall.” Gamboa added that Lohan’s “lyrics – even with the help of hired guns like producer Kara DioGuardi, of Ashlee Simpson and Hilary Duff fame, singer-songwriter Butch Walker, and Ben Moody, the songwriter who helped Kelly Clarkson and Evanescence shine – are little more than cliches strung together.”

Visits Z Morning Zoo

visited the Z Morning Zoo on Z100 in New York City on December 6th to talk about her new album ‘A Little More Personal (Raw)’. They talked about all the gossip surrounding her, visiting 50 Cent on the set of his video, her car accidents, her love of New York, her tattoo/song ‘The Beautiful Life’, being “fun” on ‘TRL’, and she concluded with a shout out. The 17-minute clip at has since been removed.

Lindsay Finds A New BFF – Kate Moss

Proving to have a tin ear when it comes to quelling rumors of substance abuse, teen queen has been seen hanging out with supermodel/admitted coke-user Kate Moss.

Lindsay Lohan’s Pop Career In Trouble?

Tabloid favorite Lindsay Lohan’s new album ‘A Little More Personal (Raw)’ may need to be retitled ‘A Little Less Successful (Toast)’. reports the teen queen’s second effort will debut at a disappointing #20 with only 83,00 copies sold. Somewhere Hilary Duff is laughing.

Don’t Say ‘Paris’ Around Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto looked like a happy couple at Visionaire’s anniversary party at Happy Valley on Saturday (December 9). But as Karl Lagerfeld found out, don’t say the name “Paris” around the teen queen, even though he was only referring to the city. When the designer invited her to come to Paris, Lohan is said to have replied, “I hate that bitch!”

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4 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Tells Her Story, And The Music World Cringes

  1. astrange1 says:

    Pretty ugly. Seems like its pile on Lindsay time since everyone knows the album is tanking.

  2. estephania says:

    What do you expect when you take someone who can’t sing and attempt to make them a popstar? the music industry is such a joke these days when they will give any idiot a recording contract, regardless of whether or not they can sing. That’s one reason why I respect really talented artists that can actually sing, write and produce all their own material. They are a rare breed indeed, especially with female artists. Very few actually write their own music and produce it they way they want.

  3. TotallyBitchassing says:

    What does anyone expect? Do they expect Lindsay Lohan to actually have good music? Why even review her albums? It’s pretty unnecessary.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    What did they expect? Lindsay is not really a talented artist or singer, and her music has never been anything spectacular.

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