Lindsay Lohan’s Letter The Butt Of Hollywood Jokes

William H. Macy spoke with Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show’ last night where he talked about his 5-year-old daughter Sophia getting her nails done by Jane Fonda on the set of his wife Felicity Huffman’s new film ‘Georgia Rule’. Jay prompted laughter after asking Macy, “Now, has your daughter been out partying with Lindsay Lohan?” Macy then deadpanned, “She got the letter, too.”

Lohan’s Free To Party Until ‘Georgia Rule’ Filming Resumes Wednesday

The New York Daily News spoke with Greg Mielcarz, vice president of worldwide publicity for Morgan’s Creek, regarding going out partying every night since receiving a stern warning from the film house’s CEO James Robinson last week.

“We’re off production now, so she’s on her own time,” Mielcarz said. “We’re off until Wednesday. We’re hoping she comes to work on time then.”

The Daily News adds that Lohan’s new boyfriend Harry Morton has gotten the 20-year-old to curtail her alcohol usage. “She’s not drinking,” a source revealed. “I’ve never seen her so healthy and happy.”

UK Record Label Sacks Lazy

The Sun reports Lindsay Lohans’ pop career is over in Britain because record company bosses at Island Records got so sick of her lazy attitude that they gave her the boot.

“A single was a huge flop over here because Lindsay couldn’t be bothered to get off her bum and promote it,” an industry source revealed. “In the end they didn’t even bother releasing the album, called ‘Speak’, in Britain. She didn’t bother to come over to the UK to do interviews or make TV appearances to help sell the album. Island have now decided not to do another one with her.”

Lindsay’s Mom Has ‘No Comment’ On ‘Ridiculous’ Letter

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina spoke with People magazine about Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson’s letter to her daughter last week warning her to curtail the “ongoing all-night heavy partying” while filming ‘Georgia Rule’ — even though Lohan has been seen partying every night since receiving the warning. “It’s so ridiculous, that I’m over it,” Dina hissed. “Basically, I have no comment about the letter.”

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2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’s Letter The Butt Of Hollywood Jokes

  1. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Lindsay is 20 years old- an adult. Maybe she should stop having mommy coming to defend her all the time.

  2. munchikin says:

    I agree with the comment above. Lindsay says “I’m the hardest worker I know”, but she obviously doesn’t know anybody. As for her mom, Dina, mother, like daughter. Both are firesnatches that like to ho’ around. Lil’ sis isn’t too far behind.

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