Lindsay Lohan’s Maserati Hits Woman And A Baby Stroller?

TMZ is hearing that Lindsay Lohan may have been involved in a hit and run with a woman pushing a baby stroller on Thursday. Brayan Jaime, working his first day on the job as a freelance paparazzo, spotted LiLo running a red light in her Maserati and making a left, running right into a Hispanic woman and a stroller. Jaime told the gossip web site that it was “full impact … It was a major hit.” The nanny was struck in the leg by the car and hit the stroller “in the middle, knocking 3 of the 4 wheels in the air.” Jaime didn’t call the cops and is reportedly shopping the video and the report didn’t specify if Lohan stopped or if “hit and run” simply means police weren’t called.

Update: TMZ hears from another witness who says Lindsay “”ever-so-slightly tapped the stroller — like 1 mile an hour” and got out to see if everything was okay before driving off. The other photographer added that Lindsay was turning on a green light.

Lindsay Lohan Mum Regarding Paris Hilton Cocaine Charge

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Court House In Santa Monica In California. The 24-year-old was asked if she had any advice for Paris Hilton after the heiress was charged with cocaine possession, but she ignored the question en route to her car. Watch footage via YouTube below.

Paparazzi Block Lindsay Lohan’s Path

Lindsay Lohan was spotted outside Chateau Marmont on Saturday (August 28). The 24-year-old was behind the wheel and not happy with paparazzi blocking her route, punching the gas once the path was cleared. Watch footage via YouTube below.

Lindsay Lohan Mum About Samantha Ronson’s Bulldog

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at a medical building in Beverly Hills, California on Monday (August 30). The 24-year-old was asked about news her on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s bulldog had killed another dog, but ignored the pesky inquiries. Watch footage via YouTube below.

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