Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Denies Engagement With Harry Morton

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina tells Star magazine that boyfriend of two months Harry Morton did not buy the singer/actress an engagement ring. “It’s absolutely not true,” Dina insisted. “They are not engaged. They’re dating and it’s moving along.”

Gets A Police Escort Shopping At Maxfield

was videotaped arriving at Maxfield, where she warned the waiting paparazzi to stay clear. Later, an officer warned the photographers not to block her path, or they’d be cited for trespassing. X17 has removed video and pictures.

At Shag In Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan was videotaped outside Shag in Hollywood the other night. The 20-year-old, sporting a fedora hat, shielded herself from the paparazzi and flashed the peace sign upon leaving. has since removed the video.

Lindsay Lohan’s Boyfriend Ready To Pop The Question?

‘Extra’ has exclusively learned that Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend, Harry Morton, just purchased an engagement ring for her at Cartier in Beverly Hills.

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Offers Cartoon Insight

Lindsay Lohan’s imprisoned father Michael spoke with The New York Daily News about the editorial cartoon he provided to them, and who the players involved signify. “While your depiction is pretty darn close, I will say that the woman being torn from Lindsay and me IS NOT Leslie Sloane,” Michael clarified, referring to his daughter’s rep. “Then again, take a look around, there is that mysterious ‘lady in black’ standing on the courthouse/bank steps orchestrating everything. As a matter of fact, the little demon on the phone, holding what appears to be the shirt off my back (little does he know!), might just be in communication with her.”

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