Lindsay Lohan’s Mom ‘So Glad’ Michael Visited Her In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina tells 24/Sizzler she approved of her ex-husband and Lindsay’s father Michael visiting the actress at the Cirque Lodge in Utah. “I’m so glad he’s visiting her,” Dina said. “I really wanted her to have closure a really long time ago, so she could come to terms with the abusive behavior that myself and my children [Lindsay, Michael Jr., Dakota and Ali] endured when they were younger.”

And Her Father Michael Reunite In Utah

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael traveled to Utah Thursday ( 6) to visit his 21-year-old daughter at the Cirque Lodge rehabilitation center. “The moment Lindsay saw Michael, she started running and jumped into her father’s arms,” said a witness who saw the actress/singer greet her father at the center’s parking lot. “Her father hugged her and swung her around. Lindsay was so happy. It was very emotional.” Lohan told E! Online afterwards, “I can’t comment on my relationship with my daughter, but [the reunion] was amazing.” The full story at has since been removed.

Not OK! With Utah Rehab Pictures

The New York Post reports that OK! magazine “exclusive photo shoot” with Lindsay Lohan a few weeks ago at the 21-year-old’s third rehab stop this year in Utah were not done with her permission. “Someone on the premises of the rehab took pictures of her and sold them,” a friend revealed. “She didn’t know about it, and it was a violation.” If it happens again, Lohan will be looking more prepared thanks to Ken Paves. A spy at Paves salon snitched, “Ken sent someone out to Utah to do Lindsay’s extensions this week.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Responds To Ex Husband’s Claims

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina has responded to charges made by her ex-husband Michael to Perez Hilton, although not issuing any direct denials or explanations regarding alleged cocaine use, drunk driving accidents, etc. “Now the world will know why eight people were issued criminal stay away orders of protection until 2011 against Michael Lohan,” Dina told 24/Sizzler.

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