Lindsay Lohan’s Night Out Without Samantha Ronson

E! Online reports had a night out without girlfriend on Tuesday night (January 6), hitting Apple Lounge with her assistant and a girlfriend. The three sat with club owner Allison Melnick, but a witness says the 22-year-old didn’t seem in the mood to party. “She seemed kind of indifferent, emotionless,” the tipster observed. “It was definitely apparent her friends were trying to cheer her up. It looked to be a ‘first night back out on the town’ sort of thing.”

Michael Lohan Hopes His Comments Helped Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael checked in on his official web site on Wednesday (January 7), commenting on his public verbal and written comments he’s had about the 22-year-old, especially since she began dating Samantha Ronson. Michael writes:

For the most part, I personally never considered the repercussions. I never considered how what I said, did or acted might alienate myself from that person. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Is it good because I didn’t consider the effects to myself? Or was it bad because I didn’t? I guess I feel that sooner or later when its all said and done that my efforts, and being selfless would be seen as a good thing and I would be respected for it.

In retrospect, I look back and hope that what I said and did helped. More importantly I pray that the love between a father and his loved ones conquers all.

Lohan has since shut down

Samantha Ronson: Of Course I Love spotted Samantha Ronson out and about in Los Angeles on Tuesday (January 6), asking the DJ if she still loved Lindsay Lohan. “Of course, that’s a stupid question,” Ronson said. Watch footage via YouTube below.

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