Lindsay Lohan’s Peace Offering To Hilary Duff

Just days after Christina Aguilera offered an olive branch to pop rival Britney Spears on ‘Total Request Live’, continued the trend when co-hosting TRL on Monday. Asked if being a real triple threat with her acting, singing and dancing if she was trying to mirror herself after someone else, Lohan ducked responding Duff saying, “I’m a big fan of Marilyn Monroe. Acting wise, Julia Roberts. I love Madonna.” And later, when asked to confess one thing about herself she wanted to get out in the open, Lohan responded, “I love you .” The TRL host responded, “Wow! That’s great.” Lohan admitted, “You put me on the spot. I didn’t know what else to say.”

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3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’s Peace Offering To Hilary Duff

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    I like Lindsay much more than Hilary, Lindsay can act and it sounds like she’s got a voice. And she’s got some good movies out. does anyone know how old she is?

  2. norangelxoxo says:

    I think Lindsay Lohan is better than Hilary *****. She knows how to act, sing, she is not a wannabe, she’s herself, and she plays in good movies. And she has nice outfits! Hilary is just a plain wannabe that is trying to be everywhere and to be loved. She can’t sing and did you ever see her movie, “The Lizzie Mc(w/e) movie”? She’s just a stupid selfish, greedy, wining brat that is desperate! (The only reason she quit Lizzie series was because they don’t pay her a lot!) oya, hope she reads this.

  3. allyouwanted says:

    that was very strong for her to say. I like both of them, and you never know, lohan could have said that if she knew people would react this way and think that she was a better person, or maybe she really is a better person.

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