Lindsay Lohan’s Vanity Fair Excuse Was More Believable

Popdirt’s previous survey asking if you believe Lindsay Lohan’s dramatic weight loss last year was caused by bulimia saw a dramatic 75.6% respond “Yes, she’s covering up for a moment of honesty,” while only 10.5% said “No, the writer made the wrong assumption,” and those in the middle, 13.9%, said “Lindsay should allow her doctor to clear it up.”

In Full Club-Hopping Mode

The New York Daily News reports was spotted bouncing all over the Charlotte Ronson show at the National Arts Club Sunday night. “I can’t sit down, ’cause I have ADD,” the 19-year-old explained to a spy. She also directed complaints about upper West Side traffic jams surrounding the filming of ‘Chapter 27’ to her co-star. “Don’t blame me, blame Jared Leto,” she instructed.

Hangs With Ex Again

TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan and ex-lover Wilmer Valderrama both were partying at Lotus separately, but when Wilmer and crew left, Lindsay and her pals, which included Nicky Hilton, followed behind where they seemed to take off to a mutual destination.

Lindsay Lohan Was A James Frey Fanatic

Which star fell for James Frey’s largely phoney memoir harder than Oprah Winfrey? Lindsay Lohan. The actress/singer tells Us Weekly, “I always keep [‘A Million Little Pieces’] with me.” And when the starstruck teen queen met Frey at a New York City signing for his follow-up book ‘My Friend Leonard’, Lohan said, “I started shaking!”

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