Lindsay Lohan Tells Sam: There Are Worse Things To Wake Up To

just put up a couple of Twitter postings (@sevinnyne6126) that may suggest she’s bickering with on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson. The 23-year-old writes:

@samantharonson are you alright? I am worried

@samantharonson there are worst things to wake up to – like the children with no [food] in Africa & Cambodia & so many other places… u know that

@samantharonson been waiting. you’re out. just be safe.xo

Jennifer Sunday Claims Stole Self-Tanning Formula

St. Petersburg, Florida chemist Jennifer Sunday has filed a lawsuit against Las Vegas businesswoman Lorit Simon and Lindsay, claiming the pair stole the formula for LiLo’s Sevin Nyne self-tanning spray. “We are certainly looking for the profits that are being generated right now from that product,” Sunday’s attorney Marcia Cohen told the St. Petersburg Times on Monday. “If Ms. Lohan and Ms. Simon and their companies and their shareholders are profiting from the theft of my client’s formula and are profiting from that product, my client is entitled to those proceeds.”

In response to Perez Hilton reporting on the news, the 23-year-old turned to her Twitter (@sevinnyne6126) to blast the story:

Leave it to @perezhilton to put out FALSE information. No formula was stolen for Sevin Nyne. It’s a woman looking for a payday. That’s it!

Thought he’d of learned his lesson after slamming the entire gay community-@perezhilton karma must be sh**. He should look in the mirror.

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  1. erka says:

    leave her alone!!!!!!

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