Lindsay To Paris: Cu**! Cokehead! / Paris To Lindsay: Firecrotch!

was videotaped starting to leave a house party in the Hollywood Hills on Saturday night (November 25) because “ is crazy”, Lindsay said. She explained that Paris threw a drink on her and elbowed her. Lindsay then ran out of the car and pounded on the door of the house, pretending to be just going in to get something. When she entered the home, she screamed at Paris, calling the heiress a “cu**” and a “cokehead”, telling security, “Don’t ever grab me like that again.” Paris then was heard repeatedly screaming “Firecrotch!” Footage at requires an account.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Cozy With Ringside Frontman

Sources tell that Lindsay Lohan and Ringside singer Scott Thomas were spotted getting “very cozy” backstage at their Saturday night concert in Hollywood’s Vine Street Lounge.

Did Lindsay’s Attraction Towards K-Fed Spark Latest Feud?

Star magazine reports Lindsay Lohan pulled up behind Britney Spears and at Teddy’s on Wednesday night and purposely cranked up the volume on her Kevin Federline ‘Playing With Fire’ CD, making sure the paparazzi video cameras standing outside could pick up the tune. “Then she had the nerve to come inside the club and try to hang out with Britney and Paris,” insider said tells the tabloid. “But the duo gave her the cold shoulder until she removed herself from their VIP table.” Friends say Lohan was later heard praising K-Fed’s artistic talents and added she thought he was so sexy, she wouldn’t mind “hooking up with him,” sometime.

The story at has since been removed.

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