Lindsay’s Jailed Dad Blames His Feud With Mom For Her Weight Loss

Cindy Adams of The New York Post spoke with Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael by phone from jail. “You know how long I’m here? It’s going on six months,” Lohan told Adams. “I’m in Nassau County jail but being moved upstate to a much tougher environment. We’re talking tiers and lockups and lockdowns. When I came in I was in this DWI dorm, but I’ve already been moved to another part of the system that’s much rougher. People wonder why Lindsay’s so thin. It’s because of all this garbage between her mother and me. She’s beaten up inside. It’s ripped our whole family apart.”

Dangerous Dive Out Lindsay Lohan’s Hotel Balcony?

A source watched in horror at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Tropicana bar the other night as an unidentified young man cheated death by diving from Lindsay Lohan’s second-story balcony into the swimming pool below. “Lindsay spent last weekend in the $1,500-a-night Marilyn Monroe suite,” the source tells The New York Daily News. “She had a guy friend partying with her in her suite who jumped from the balcony into the pool and almost missed. Hotel staff was horrified.”

Lohan’s publicist responded: “If this happened, Lindsay was unaware of it. She E-mailed me and said, ‘I’ve stayed at that hotel – that never happened.'”

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3 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Jailed Dad Blames His Feud With Mom For Her Weight Loss

  1. Michelle13105 says:

    as if he actually cares

  2. notacluewat2callmyself says:

    no u a-hole it’s because of what you are doing not because of what’s going on between you and her mother

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    Nice way to try and play victim, and try and turn Lindsay’s problems into a reason for why people should forgive and feel sorry for your ass Michael. There is one ounce of truth to this though. It is possible that his problems with her mom drove Lindsay to try recreational drugs, and eventually end up so addicted to coke, which eventually resulted in her weight loss.

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