Lindsay’s O-Town ‘O2’ Review

O-Town 'O2' album cover

Reviewer: Lindsay

‘O2’ is an amazing album, showing new abilities from O-Town. and proving they are much more than your average “boy-band”. consists of Ashley Parker Angel; 21, Dan Miller; 22, Trevor Penick; 23, Erik-Michael Estrada; 23, and Jacob Underwood; 22. First let me take you back, and begin with how I became a fan of O-Town.

It was March 24th, 2000. I was sitting on my couch watching television, when I heard about this new show called, Making The Band, debuting on ABC. I decided to watch it, going into it knowing I wouldn’t like this “made-for-tv” band. After months of watching the show each Friday night on ABC, I began attached to O-Town, and later that year, I started an online club for the guys. They had became my favourite group! I picked up their debut album, O-Town, on January 23rd, 2001. After listening to it, I knew they were going to be a smash hit. Summer of 2001, I bought tickets to their live show in London, Ontario, Canada which was 2 hours from here, but I still insisted on going to see them. As I walked out of the hall that night of the concert, I TRULY walked away a huge fan, with more respect for the guys than ever!

Waiting for ‘O2’ was a difficult process, but the end result was amazing. After being changed almost 10 times, finally released their sophomore album, ‘O2’, on November 12th, 2002. I bought it the first day it came out, and realized what they were talking about when O-Town said “they’ve taken a new direction with their music”. Songs like “From The Damage”, “Suddenly”, “Craving”, and their new single, “These Are The Days”, are amazing tracks, with hard/soft rock sounds to them. “I Showed Her” is an emotional ballad, sort of a continuing of “All Or Nothing”. “The Joint” and “Make Her Say” are hip-hop songs, written by O-Town’s very own Erik-Michael Estrada. O-Town has successfully written half their ‘O2’ album. The guys show determination, passion, and a love for music, as it shines through in their new album. O-Town member, Dan Miller, says that “if you listen to this album, at first you won’t recognize that’s it’s actually O-Town, and that’s what we want”.

The album comes with a free movie pass, it is enhanced, and comes with screensavers, icons, skins, and more! Plus, you get a sneek peek at their new DVD, entitled, “O-Town: An Exclusive VIP Look”, which is IN STORES NOW! All this for only $18.99 + tax! (Or sales price; $14.99).

In closing, all I can say about ‘O2’ is, “absolutely incredible”. If you pick this album up, it’s one album you WILL NOT regret! Go get it, in stores now!!

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