Lip-synching Hilary Duff

At least when lip-synchs, she puts on one hell of a show.

was on Much Music Saturday, to perform and talk. Anyways I was watching the show and I couldn’t help but notice she was lip-synching. It was obvious, seeing that in the middle of her second or third song she stops singing completely and says something to her guitarist. But yet, it sounds like she’s still singing.

Throughout the show she’s jumping and running around. Yet it’s a perfect note, and sounds like her CD.

Then during one of her slower songs she was sitting on a stool, singing along, when she got up to run around, I noticed that she accidentally hit her mic with her hand, but no sound.

I was a bit skeptical about everything, until her last song. “Come Clean” I’ve heard this song a hundred times, and I noticed that, even though her band was playing live, she wasn’t singing live. It was the exact same thing as the CD. Listen close enough, close your eyes, and aside from the band, it’s obvious that it’s the CD.

I guess you’re supposed to fooled by the fact that her band is playing live, so if the band is playing live, she must be singing live right?

Oh did I mention Miss Duff appeared to have a stuffed up nose.

And the worst part is, she’s not doing anything to make up for the lip-synching. Like Britney Spears. That girl is dancing her damn heart out, which is 10 times more entertaining than someone who is lip-synching and just standing there.

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