Lisa Marie Didn’t Marry Michael Jackson For Record Deal

When Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson, she understood why her mom was worried. “Once I got with Michael, I got this rap that I was doing it for some reason,” she recalls to Entertainment Tonight. “Like I wanted a record deal. The people who know me, know I don’t do that. Anyone who accuses me that I am talking about Michael to sell my record is wrong.”

Jacko To Sue Major Corporation

April 8, 2003 – Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports Michael Jackson has consulted with lawyers and says he plans to file suit against “a major corporation” for breach of contract, according to a source.

No Plans For Jacko At Austrian Peace Event

April 8, 2003 – Roger Friedman of reports Michael Jackson’s supporters are saying that his cancellation for a peace event in Austria this weekend is a non-starter. Apparently organizers of the event promoted Jackson’s appearance without a contract. When he informed them he wasn’t coming, they claimed he did a last-minute back out. But he was never actually planning to be there. Read more, including Michael’s move to sell Neverland, and the success of Cher’s ‘Very Best Of Cher’ here.

Michael Jackson To Be In Malcolm In The Middle?

April 8, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: A post at the KOP Board suggests that Michael may appear in an episode of the FOX TV show, ‘Malcolm In The Middle’, this news comes from METRO. Michael is a huge fan of the show, he once said that he feels he can identify with Malcolm.

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6 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Didn’t Marry Michael Jackson For Record Deal

  1. amanda says:

  2. G says:

    Great video that’s all you need to know.

  3. tara says:

    yep! if she didn’t want a a record deal’ then why’d sing for him the 1st time they met??? the whole purpose of them meeting was for him to sign her. I guess that ends that little lie she always told the media “I never wanted to meet him cause I thought he was a freak” or what she told Oprah “he heard of a demo of mines & HE WANTED 2 MEET WITH ME I didn’t want to but a friend told me it’d be ‘good manners’ to meet Michael Jackson” please lmp! You are such a f**kin liar! I truly, truly believe that she was the 1 that was obsessed with him before & after the marriage but of course the the king of rocks daughter will never admit that she was obsessed with the king of pop (but of course she waits till after he dies to admit it in her pathetic blog that she obsessed over him) if MJ was ‘supposedly’ so interested in meeting her why would he say “just send me a tape”!LMAO!!!
    she wasn’t gonna admit that it was her who pursued him because 1: she was still married & had just had her son when she met MJ (& of course that will just add on 2 more of the whore she was)
    For anyone out there who can’t see through this lying whore & all the lies her & her mom told the media on how she met MJ… WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!

  4. Astris says:


    She claims that he convinced her to leave the marriage and she immediately regretted it. When are the Jackson’s gonna wake up? They can be very polite but sometimes I think in spite of their earned success (not inherited) some of them are star struck. Elvis is dead and his daughter has done very little to earn a dime.
    I had heard it before but now I believe it. Marrying LM was the worst mistake of Michael’s life. She will not go away she’ll start in again. I think the fans should let her know how tire they are of her. She has a child in music go help him. Am I wrong to be tire of lies and hypocrisy?

  5. You are not alone anymore says:

    I’m Confused,But Good Article. I don’t wonder why Lisa has to be mean like This. she has a passion and is Probably Nice,But She is showing her mean side,which should of been kept Private.

  6. Keke says:

    BS! She was a spoiled, lying, self-centered brat! EVERYONE should know that she used Michael to promote her crappy albums (& probably for sex too). But half of MJ’s fans are too blind to see the evil in this woman. For example, go on YouTube & look up her songs. You’ll see a lot of MJ fans saying they were meant for each other or she was good hearted. Or look on MJ’s fan site. They say the same exact thing. Hopefully it’ll be soon when everyone, including the Jacksons realize she’s a phoney & user.

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