Lisa Marie Freaked Out Over Jacko’s Other Woman Baby Offer

Lisa Marie Presley said asked her to have a baby with him shortly after they married in 1994. When she refused, Michael informed her that Debbie Rowe, a medical assistant he had met at a doctor’s office, had a crush on him and wanted to give him a child. “Debbie Rowe was offering to do it while we were married, according to him,” Lisa Marie revealed in an interview. An insider told the Enquirer, “It freaked her out. Here was her husband Michael saying, ‘Well, if you won’t give me a baby, I’ll just get this other woman to give me one.’ He obviously didn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s no wonder Lisa left him.”

It’s Great To Be Back In Gary

June 13, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday, “Congratulations to Michael Jackson. He was back in his hometown of Gary, Indiana where he was given the key to the city. Thank God they didn’t give him the keys to the junior high. Michael said it was great to be back in Gary, which is not the first time Michael has said that.”

Jacko Returns To Hometown

June 12, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday, “ returned to his hometown of Gary, Indiana today and received the key to the city. What a success story. He left Gary as a young poor. Black child and returned as a rich white man.”

Copyright Lawsuit ‘Ridiculous’

June 11, 2003 – Michael Jackson’s attorney Robert Meyer said that the copyright lawsuit his client is facing borders on “ridiculousness.” He told the Associated Press, “The ridiculousness of this whole thing is that when these songs came out, Michael Jackson was nine years old and for him to have a recollection of what was going on 30 years ago, it’s absurd.” The full story at has since been removed.

Nick Cannon Backs Michael Jackson

June 11, 2003 – Nick Cannon recently chatted with where he said he felt Michael Jackson was the most misunderstood person in the last 10 years. “Mike is the man, that’s why we all love him because he is supernatural, but when he starts wearing Spiderman outfits to the congress meetings and talking about how he wants Taco Bell, people start thinking he’s a little crazy,” Cannon said. “I’m with Mike though, he can do that cause that’s Mike.”

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22 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Freaked Out Over Jacko’s Other Woman Baby Offer

  1. Astrid says:

    She conveniently forgot that she promised before the marriage. He talked to her in depth and she promised. She didn’t want kids with him and lied when he found out it led to problems.

  2. Tanya says:

    I’ve just seen MJ’s ‘This Is It’ with my kids and loved it, and it just gets you thinking about MJ again. I don’t think Michael was totally wrong for asking Debbie Rowe to have his kids for him, it was just a measure of how hurt he was and how badly he wanted a family of his own; a family that Lisa Marie promised him when they married and then refused. I think that was cruel of her and I suspect she did it to try to retain some control and power over Michael probably because she felt insecure and out of her depth being married to someone so famous and universally loved as MJ. She kind of gives herself away by admitting to “obsessing” about MJ for a couple years after she divorced him and further more to trying to get back with him and offering to have 9 of his babies if he did get back with her. How ridiculously sad and pathetic is Lisa Marie Presley! I sure hope she’s grown up a bit now and gained some self confidence.

  3. Tanya says:

    Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that Michael would have ideally loved to have had a family with Lisa Marie, the woman that he married…and not just any woman. He said in his tapes that he regretted not having his children with Lisa. That proved that he did love her and all she did was throw that back in his face, so if you look at the bigger picture I don’t entirely blame Michael for turning to Debbie Row to have his children.

  4. Astrid says:

    When he realized she was lying through her teeth, he was finished. MJ was the kind of man who could be kind and friendly, but he said in that book she tried, “but he was so hard heartened by the whole thing by then.”
    He was blessed that he never had children with this self serving woman. I liked her very much at one point. I understood a lot of her problems stemmed from losing her father. But instead of getting help herself she has chosen to subtly blame others. If she dated him after the divorce why didn’t she have a child? She didn’t WANT them. She was mad because he went on without her.

  5. kathy40 says:

    MJ did not “just met nurse Debbie at a doctor’s office “She has been Dr. Klein’s assistant for over 17 years already and that’s how long she knew MJ. Debbie offered MJ to have his kids long before he met Lisa. He and Debbie were very good friends. She loved and still REALLY loves him, even though they had a custody battle in 2005. Debbie NEVER said anything bad about MJ EVER. She even defended him in court during the 2005 case. Lisa did not want to testify in his favor. She is just a false bitch. First she marries him, then goes on national TV and defends him, she was angry because people called the marriage a sham, she screamed out how much in love she was, she screamed out YES,YES,YES, that they had sex and how amazing he was etc,etc. On the same show she told Dyane Sawyer that she would let her own son sleep in the same bed as MJ if he was 12 years old, because she trusted him and was sure he would NEVER harm a child. When they divorced she went on every show “insinuating” things about him and children, just like the tabloids did. If he wasn’t for real like she said he was, why did she want him back? She wanted him back even though he was married to Debbie with her expecting the second child. She hurt MJ, that’s what she did. He told Oprah in 1993, he wouldn’t feel his life was complete without a family of his own. So he really DID want a commitment, a family and did plan on being a single parent. That’s why he also married Debbie, he tried to do the right thing,thinking that since they were such good friends, maybe they could still be a family, even though he was not IN LOVE with her. He Said: Debbie and I love each other for all the reasons you don’t see on stage or in the movies. She is a very caring, unpretentious and loving person. He respected Debbie very much and was always grateful for her “GIFTS” meaning his two eldest kids. He told Bashir all this when he was prying to know about the children’s mother. These are all facts everyone can look up these interviews. But still some people keep talking nonsense, they are too lazy to do research. I do so all the time, before I post anything.

  6. abc says:

    A lot of people diverse because one of them wants kids and the other doesn’t. What’s wrong for someone to want to have children with his own wife?

  7. Astris says:

    I agree completely. Debbie did not just come around. And in conclusion she was a far better and more trusted friend than LM.
    I suspect that when she found she couldn’t control him like most things in her life, it was too much.
    She behaved so badly after she realized he really didn’t want her back. Take her back for what? She should have never been seen or near her to begin with.
    Debbie gave him what he needed his own children. I will always be grateful to her for that. LM never intended to and use the threat of a custody battle as an excuse. She forgot that in several interviews she slipped and admitted she didn’t want any then. I think she did Michael Jackson a favor. He didn’t need that kind of hell in his life.

  8. amanda says:

    @ Tanya: MJ never said in those tapes that he REGRETTED not having kids with Lisa, I don’t know where you got that from. I read ‘the MJ tapes book’ twice already, in full & nowhere in there did he stat that he ‘regretted’ not having kids with her. he said that SHE was the 1 that regretted it & would write him a bunch of letters promising to give him kids, do whatever he wants, etc. but that his heart had closed out for her & he didn’t want her back. He at one point wanted a family with her when they were married but then realized she was a fraud who DIDN’T EVEN CARE BOUT ANY CHILDREN BUT HER OWN (in MJs own words straight from the MJ tapes book)& would hang up on little sick girls that would be calling for him! That was not the love of MJs life! He was VERY HAPPY with the kids he got, he didn’t need Lisa kids (or Elvis grand kids!) MJ was a smart man, (not so smart when marrying her) but realized the mistake he made & he followed his heart. If he knew that she was the one he needed to be with he would’ve taken her back when she begged him to.

  9. Astris says:


    I know he said that she who hang around his mother and Janet. They seemed to have liked her. But I think he realized she was using them in a way to get to him.
    She chased him around for what 2 years or something like that. Can someone tell me at what point it occurred to her he was not taking her back? I think LM was shocked as I was that Michael wasted NO time in having a child with Debbie. I think it was a slap in her face and she wanted to get back at Debbie, but didn’t understand there was a deep love and trust. Debbie may not have been what people think she should have been or had the “looks” some wanted, but she was devoted and loyal and a real friend. And sometimes that takes authority over all else, because when all else fails a real friend won’t.
    Michael did say out of his own mouth that he had closed his heart to the idea. I think when Lisa realized that he really meant what he said, she showed her claws. Going on TV acting scorned, angry, lashing out, she made some nasty comments about Nic Cage. The difference was Nic Cage was not going to take to much of her running that nasty mouth of hers. Michael says things in such a way that people think they can change him, but he means what he says.
    The mistake he made is he should never have allowed it to begin with. Going in he knew he was through with that woman for lying and deceiving him. It looks like she got a dose of her own medicine.

  10. Astris says:

    Michael should have told Lisa “we can be friends, that;s it” but looking back any friendship with him was well and truly over.
    As I said he should not have taken time up with her. LM immediately set out to get back husband #1 and while they are the closest of friends he didn’t want her back either and after her brazen acts I can’t blame him. A mother of two small children carrying on the way she did.
    Then she went on to a mutual friend and got briefly engaged and that didn’t work. Then the marriage to Nic Cage failed. I truly hope this one works. But she will have to desert her old ways.
    She’s not gonna leave it alone and move on. It’s not in her to take the happiness she has and go with it. I guarantee she’ll find some way to keep it going. She’s in the news because of MJ, Nic Cage and her life style.
    Maybe, MJ saw something that left him know her being the mother of his kids would have been a big mistake, but then again he needn’t have worried it was never gonna happen. She didn’t want his kids.

  11. jenna says:

    3. Tanya: in the tapes that MJ did with Shmuley he said he regretted not having sex with Brooke Shields when she once came on to him sexually… he never said that he regretted not having kids with LMP he said it was LMP who had regretted it wanted him back & regretted not having kids with him… not the other way around! I think you kinda got it mixed up. True MJ did want a big family but not with her after they divorced

  12. vivienne says:

    Unfortunately the marriage didn’t work but they were so beautiful together! Sad to say Lisa Marie is a Scientologist I think and that’s a dead end street a very sick cult. Michael was not stupid enough to get involved with that destructive cult..she should have given Scientology up long ago and it might have made a positive difference in the outcome of their relationship.. perhaps I’m misinformed and she’s changed by now..

  13. Astris says:

    God bless Debbie! I will admit it had to be a terrible blow to her so called ego for MJ to serve her warning.
    She probably thought he was joking or would back down.
    For him to to follow through like he did said one thing. “I mean it.”
    If she didn’t want children that was ok. But she should have told the truth.
    She still didn’t. She chased him promising kids, no doubt slept with him. What happened? She was showing the nurse.

  14. Astris says:


    You have a good point. When Lm chased him around the globe. He didn’t leave his wife and he didn’t have kids with LM. He said in the tapes that he had closed it heart to it. I take it to mean he closed his heart to her also.
    If LM really wanted to give him kids she would have. She has twins which she had trouble conceiving, but she was in her last 30’s and early 40 when she tried. The truth? We’ll never get the truth from her. She’ll stick around because this is the most press she gets. What I’d like is for Debbie to tell her side. When the chips were down he knew which side of his toast the butter was on.

  15. Tanya says:

    Yes I agree with Astris, I wish Debbie would shed some light on her relationship with MJ, and to my way of thinking Debbie should have been at MJ’s funeral in place of,or at leas as well as LMP. Alright yes, MJ was paying Debbie for her favors, but I kind of like her…she seems more honest, grounded and strong than LMP ever was. Put it this way, The spoiled King Of Rocks daughter was seething with jealousy over essentially, a full-figured nurse- Debbie Rowe. Meanwhile, Debbie couldn’t give a flying f*ck about LMP…or her jealousy of her and MJ’s relationship. Its quite amusing really.
    But Debbie seems to be everything that LMP is not. And LMP was so jealous of the deep and honest affection and love Debbie & MJ shared.

    Its sad for LMP really but as Debbie said herself, had LMP not refused to give her husband-(MJ) their babies, then Debbie would have never stepped in.

  16. yosra says:

    LMP is Fu**ing BITCH….Michael had the right to leave her and marry someone else to have his kids,(I’m glad he did that),,LMP is a manipulative liar..she promised him to have his kids at the start then refused,, I’m glad MJ kicked her out..
    Please ,,LMP can you know STFU and leave him alone,,just GO AWAY..

  17. yosra says:

    i believe that MJ regretted marrying that Nasty fake LMP..she’s 2 faced fake and Liar..

  18. Astris says:

    Thanks, Tanya. LM was unfortunately made to believe what she wanted was all that mattered to a degree. Michael had to learn compromise, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was dirt poor and learned some values.
    I think in Debbie MJ saw a human being who cared about other human beings and she could have betrayed him, she worked with his medical info, she could have leaked information but remained loyal. MJ loved her but for reasons someone like LM could never think of. They had a true bond. I also think when he realized LM had lied all along about children she died to him. She chased him but it was more to get back with Debbie. This I made a mistake bit is a lie. She wanted the divorce, but she wanted to make a fool out of Debbie and hurt her. MJ did look awful for allowing that trollop to run behind him. She feels used? Does that mean when you don’t get what you want you’ve been used?
    She showed everyone how cheap she was. And in return for her favors Michael turned around and got his wife pregnant. She is the one who started that rumor about believing the kids were artificially inseminated along with J. Randy.
    She is using Michael in death as she did in life and now I’m tired. I ignored a lot while he was living, but she has gone to far. The man;s favorite flowers were roses.
    She is a major attention whore. Michael Jackson never needed Lisa Marie Presley and doesn’t now. I won’t support her. I won’t go along with this shameless act of attention seeking by her and some disgraceful members of his family.
    She only wants to make herself feel better for not making peace with him. They were NOT friends at the time of his death and if people get the stars out of their eyes and read her blog they’ll see that she never made peace with him by her own admission.
    She also said in a post prior to his death she called for closure (what kind I wonder) and he was elusive. Well, what do you say to someone that does the interviews she does? She was angry because he was very generic, yes, no, I guess. He knew better than to truth her.
    Some said she was not able to go on. I think when she married him she did so for a few reasons. The mistake as she said was leaving hubby #1. Well, she figured she had to give a good try because the world knew she left a marriage for another man and to make her mom mad, so she was under the gun to start with. When she couldn’t control him trouble started.
    Am I wrong?

  19. Cynthia says:

    Well, maybe so, but I think that he moved on shocked her. She wanted to call time on all of it.

  20. Jay says:

    Michael said (And I believe this) in the Michael Jackson tapes, that Lisa promised him that he’d have his child, which is one of the reasons why he married her. Then Lisa refused him, mike got really upset (i mean, I would to) but she promised him that they would have kids. This bitch is dumb, I would of jumped off a cliff if I said no to Michael’s request.

  21. Astris says:


    Lisa later said she got out of that. She also didn’t want kids to start with and that was okay. What was not was lying. I think it was a series of lies she told and the children being the last straw. Anything he felt died, when a person’s heart closes that’s heavy.
    But when I think about it it was a blessing it never happened with her.

  22. M?CHAEL says:


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