Lisa Marie Presley And Nic Cage’s Remarriage Plans Fizzle

Just two months after and Nicolas Cage got back together, the volatile couple split again because in-between bouts of incredible sex, they fought like cats and dogs. And it didn’t help that Nic has the hots for sultry Angelina Jolie, either. “It’s over before it really got started again between Nic and Lisa Marie,” a source told Star magazine. “It’s always the same story — they rekindle their feelings, have a steamy few weeks together and then it’s off. Nic is already chasing Angelina and has put any thoughts of a second marriage with Lisa Marie out of his head. In the past few weeks, Angelina has turned into an obsession for him. He is really putting the full court press on.”

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2 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley And Nic Cage’s Remarriage Plans Fizzle

  1. Carrie says:

    This is sad. How could he rely on Angie. She’s been partying it up with Collin Farrell & Val Kilmer lately. He’s going the wrong route unless Angelina is the one chasing him.

  2. Lotus says:

    Why there is news that I managed to miss completely, which is good! Didn’t Lisa Marie keep herself busy with a new record/ tour? Got tired of that too I guess. I don’t care what she says, that girl love attention from the tabloids.

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