Lisa Marie Presley Hates Being Quizzed About Dad & Ex’s

The fame that led to a CD contract for also leads interviewers to ask question after question about Elvis and her famous ex-husbands. And it’s starting to drive her nuts. “I hate it, but what typically happens is ‘Lisa Marie Talks About Michael, Nic and her Father!’ ” she conceded to Thor Christensen of the Dallas Morning News. “I’ll talk to a reporter about the music for half the interview, and the rest of the stuff for the other half, but it ends up being the whole damned story, and then it looks like I’m capitalizing on that, or that I like talking about that when I hate it.”

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One thought on “Lisa Marie Presley Hates Being Quizzed About Dad & Ex’s

  1. amanda says:

    thats complete bull sh*t LMP & you know it! you mightve fooled some young and naive fans who actually kiss ur ass and and buy into all ur b.s. but mature people with actual common sense and who actually know about the entertainment inudustry know that interviews r always PRE-DONE! before you do a live/pre-recorded interview you always do a pre interview so you could know what ur in for, you as the celeb have the capability to arrange with the reporter what you wanna focus on and whats off limits. or if all else fails and the reporter does bring something up you don’t wanna discuss its as simple as: “id rather not tlk about things in my personal life, id rather just focus on promoting my album.” I think that be a hell of a lot better then “OH I WAS USED! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!” when you say things like that of course ur asking gor attention and publicity. yeah a lot of celebs play that role in interviews where they act like “their so sick of tlking about something/someone but then proceed 2 go on and on about it when the reporter isn’t pointing a gun in their mouth and forcing them 2 tlk about it, they could always say uhh… “id rather not tlk about that” but of course the always tlk about certain things like a breakup/divorce or who their f*cking because 4 1 reason alone: PUBLICITY! you lmp, r the poster child 4 it! you’ve done nothin with ur life but tlk and bash ur ex husbands publicly and you couldve had a successful music career had you chosen to ACUTUALLY FOCUS ON UR MUSIC CAREER! MJ and nic cage werent stupid, theyve been in the entertainment industry most of their life, they know how it wrks and how interviews wrk, they knew exactly what you were doing when you were tlking bout them in interviews!

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