Lisa Marie Presley On The Late Show

Lisa Marie Presley 'To Whom It May Concern' album cover

Lisa Marie Presley stopped by the Late Show on Monday to chat with David Letterman and perform a track off her debut album ‘To Whom It May Concern’. For a rough transcript to the chat, read on.

Dave: It’s entitled to whom it may concern. Please welcome back to the
program, Lisa Marie Presley. ( Cheers and applause) how are you?

Lisa: I’m good.

Dave: Good to see you again.

Lisa: Good to see you.

Dave: How have things been since we last saw you?

Lisa: Been all right.

Dave: How about the success of the album.

Lisa: Yeah, it’s good.

Dave: And you’re on tour right now?

Lisa: Yes, I’m on tour, we’re drying every night, trying to sleep on
a bus that’s like sleeping on a bucking bronco.

Dave: But why a bus, because the success of the CD has been phenomenal.

Lisa: I’m asking the same question to my record company. And the fact that I haven’t gotten paid anything yet.

Dave: No, is that the case that is the case.

Dave: When do you get paid?

Lisa: Don’t know. I’ve been all over the place, I’ve been doing my thing, working my tailbone off and haven’t seen one check.

Dave: Have not seen one check?

Lisa: Not one.

Dave: Have you placed a call?

Lisa: Some of it has to be, you ow, paid back, from what was used to
make the record.

Dave: Well, look if this is still going on around labor day, you give me a call, because something is desperately wrong here.

Lisa: It’s true.

Dave: But are you enjoying traveling around?

Lisa: You know it’s fun right now, we’re having fun.

Dave: What kind of places do you go?

Lisa: I just came from Portland, Maine, Kansas, yes, I did that last
night. Where else, i don’t know any more where I’m going.

Dave: It gets confusing. I know kit be fatiguing and grueling, but after a while you get sort of punchy and giddy and it all becomes fun. So what’s
the best part of it for you when you’re out there doing it, the folks?

Lisa: It’s great, the fans are great. It’s like a camping trip right
now basically.

Dave: How many of you are on the bus?

Lisa: There’s a lot. There’s my band is six people, then I have mine, then the crew has theirs and we sorts of alternate around.

Dave: Alternate around, what do you mean exactly by… ( applause)

Lisa: You just have to go there.

Lisa: Paul: Of course he has.

Lisa: There’s some that are cute, they go in my bus.

Dave: Whoa!

Lisa: Paul: There you go. ( Applause)

Dave: For heavens sakes what do you care if you get paid?

Lisa: Well, yeah. No. No.

Dave: And, how long will the tour last?

Lisa: Five weeks. We’re in week one. This was my day off. And I’m here.

Dave: Thank you very much for coming in.

Lisa: Sure, I missed you actually.

Dave: Well, I missed you as well. When you were here last time we talked about growing up and your parents and stuff, and I was wondering if you
had ever recorded any songs that your father recorded.

Lisa: I did, now we just did a duet for one occasion, sort of a Nat King Cole thing.

Dave: What was that song?

Lisa: I was don’t cry, daddy. It was just for one night, it wasn’t for marketing.

Dave: Are there things that you might consider doing in the future like that? Just his material bill yourself.

Lisa: Not right now in the near future, but it’s never out of the question, you know.

Dave: I think that would be pretty exciting.

Lisa: Well, good. ( Laughter)

Dave: And when you were a kid, do you have memories of famous people
or interesting pee coming over to the house?

Lisa: Mostly groupies, yeah. Groupies.

Dave: And how was that handled?

Lisa: Well, it was handled that I’d see them at the front door and
then somehow they’d be in the kitchen with one of the married entourage
Dave: Wow, this is quite an education for a kid.

Lisa: This was an education, yes, it was, a rude awakening early.

Dave: Now, you in your own life and your own career, do you have groupies as well?

Lisa: I don’t, no, I don’t. I guess you could consider, i just have my friends around me really.

Dave: I’ll bet you have groupies and you don’t know it. ( Cheers and

Lisa: Oh, god.

Dave: It’s sort of like monkey pox, you’re not sure if you… you may have monkey pox, but you’re just not…

Lisa: Paul: It’s along those lines.

Dave: And are you romantically involved with anyone?

Lisa: I am not, thank Jesus. I was briefly, and it turned out to be
a little maggot. So that was, sorry. Th was in brief.

Dave: But you would be open to something like that now, or are you just going to take it easy?

Lisa: You know i have a lot of crushes, so they kind of entertain me
for right now and when i happens it will happen. The kids are doing good,
obviously and you’re doing good obviously?

Lisa: I’m doing well.

Dave: And are you going to sing for us on the show?

Lisa: I think so. ( Cheers and applause)

Dave: Now, the last time, i think the last time was one of the first
times you had ever performed in front of an actual audience, rile?

Lisa: Yes. Or the second.

Dave: Second time. And it turned out fine.

Lisa: Yeah.

Dave: And I’m expecting tonight it will turn on the just as well.

Lisa: I hope so.

Dave: All right. Well, good for you.

Lisa: You’re not bring the fall up, you’re not going to talk about that?

Dave: You want to mention that?

Lisa: I thought you were going to, I was ready for it.

Dave: You were singing on a —

Lisa: Yes.

Dave: Was it,.

Lisa: It was the morning show.

Dave: The today show?

Lisa: Yes.

Dave: And something happened, it was wet and you fell?

Lisa: I bit it, I bit it, yeah, on knees down, ass up bit it.

Dave: Whoa, well, that wasn’t quite explained to me like that. But… do you mine if we show it?

Lisa: Oh god!

Dave: All right, let’s take a look.

Lisa: No no no.

Dave: Oh! Oh, my god. That was horrible.

Lisa: No no no!

Dave: You know what comes to mind when you see that, you know, lawsuit.
( Laughter)

Lisa: You know what, i heard that other people fell on the same steps, which is kind of ironic.

Dave: Let’s puts them out of business.

Lisa: I think it was NBC.

Dave: Good for you. You’re all right, though,?

Lisa: I was fine.

Dave: Well, you look terrific and we’re looking forward to your song.

Lisa: Thank you.

Dave: We’ll be right back.

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