Lisa Marie Presley Sad, Confused & Heartbroken Over Michael Jackson’s Death

Michael Jackson 'Earth Song'

is reacting to the death of her ex-husband . The daughter of Elvis Presley issued the following statement:

I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible. I am heartbroken for his children who I know were everything to him and for his family. This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me.

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26 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley Sad, Confused & Heartbroken Over Michael Jackson’s Death

  1. Toni says:

    Yes. Of course they fail you Lisa. You had no words of comfort for him when he needed you the most so why would you now. Anything you say would be out of feelings of guilt and regret because of the shameful way you treated him after the divorce. Why couldn’t you just keep your mouth shut and not add salt to his wounds. You’re no angel – people thought you were a freak. You should have been more understanding and tolerant.

  2. kearn says:

    I agree with you! she turned her back on him…so fast! yet I believe he loved her so much. but after that on interviews…she just sold him!

  3. Tanya says:

    Lisa Marie Presley is the biggest hypocrite imaginable. ‘Heartbroken’ over Michael’s death. This is the same Lisa Marie Presley that has publicly said in interviews that she thought Michael was weird, a freak, not sexually seductive, manipulating, calculating and above all that she really couldn’t tell any more whether he was innocent of abusing young boys!! And she says she’s ‘confused’….to be honest I think Lisa has spent most of her life being confused..(about who she is and what she wants out of life)!! The more that comes out of her mouth, the less sense she makes. At least Michael was strong and confident on the professional front. And he always knew what he wanted out of life: to make music and to make people happy, including children. He achieved it…and some! That’s more than she can say for herself. ‘Words fail me’….that’s rich, when she had plenty to say about Michael in her interviews!
    Lisa Marie even said later that she was ‘lucky to have gotten as close to him as she did’… she made it sound as if it was some kind of personal challenge on her part…I think a lot of women would have been pretty damn flattered and honored to have been married to someone who was as sweet, loving, gentle and sexy as Michael Jackson!

  4. coring5 says:

    It is very unladylike for Lisa Marie Presley or for any woman to discuss with anyone what goes on in their private sex life. I’m quite disappointed in Lisa because MJ had never said anything derogatory about her.

  5. Astrid says:

    Lisa Marie is only trying to cover herself. She knows most of the world was grieved and she doesn’t want the backlash. She may have regrets but she made it clear what those regrets were. Michael was through with her except for polite conversation which she was not capable of.
    The man in him would not respond to her foolishness. Another thing people think there was peace because his mother invited her to the funeral. She also invited the woman who gave him what he wanted most children-Debbie Rowe.
    Lisa should have had the decency to stay away. She was friends with his mom and Janet, but it was Kate who invited her and she’s delusional if she thinks this woman had any decency towards her son. That blog was not out of love, but to defend herself. Michael and her father have some of the same fans and after LM did all that bashing it had to dawn on her that fans could boycott Graceland. I bet it dawned on the investor that owns 85 percent of it.
    This woman is confused? Since the coroner has released a part of the report on Michael why has she not apologized for alluding to his cause of death. Her dad and MJ were totally different. She made the choices she did and she should have been grown enough to own up to her part.
    They may have loved each other. But in love? Or in love with the idea od being in love? It was a mess. But thank God Michael had his children, fans and some family who truly loved him and he them. This attention craving woman should focus on her family and stop the bull.

  6. Astrid says:

    And the children don’t need her brand of sympathy. I hope she leaves them alone and that the guardian his mother will keep it that way.
    One day the kids are going to learn what she said and it may be sooner rather than later. I doubt they’ll want her brand of pity. She has 4 focus on them

  7. Colin Moon says:

    Lisa Marie is a good person,and so was Michael!Why are you attacking them so badly with these comments?

    -Colin Moon

  8. Rainbow says:

    Michael is REALLY real gentleman.

  9. amanda says:

    @colin moon: I think you should probably be asking LISA why she attacked MJ so much with her comments hun… not us. if you haven’t known by now I suggest you do some actual research & get informed… THIS WAS NO FAIRY TALE!!!

  10. lily says:

    I think Lisa Marie is foolish and heartless. Confused? Yeah,she said so much horrid things about Michael Jackson and now she’s confused? She really shouldn’t published this blog for Michael knows about what she has done and this is ever so insulting! I only wish that this stupid woman would keep her mouse shut up so she wouldn’t lose out when selling Graceland

  11. Astris says:

    She already had to sell off 85 percent of Graceland back in 2005 due to financial problems.

    Had she devoted a 3rd of her time to her business instead of doing the circuit to get even with Michael she would have not been in that situation.

    When her mother ran it all was well.

  12. LOu says:

    They were still in touch as recent as last June according to Michael’s friend.

  13. Tanya says:

    @Colin Moon, I don’t really think anyone’s attacking Michael, just Lisa Marie Presley. Why: Because it is so obvious that she wrote that ‘heartfelt’ Myspace blog immediately after MJ’s death just to gain public sympathy and because she was so racked with GUILT after all the cruel and nasty things she’d been publicly saying about MJ in interviews and some only as recently as 8 months before he died. Maybe LMP was a good person, but after she’s just made herself look like the biggest hypocrite ever, I don’t think so.

  14. Astris says:

    Not attacks the truth. The best thing to say is “I’m sorry” and be quiet. She may have been good but not to him and they were not friends. People are saying some of everything.
    I don’t buy it. She’ll resurface. She is best known for 1) Her lurid lifestyle 2) Being Elvis’ daughter 3) Her marriages to Nic Cage and Michael Jackson.
    I think it’s pathetic. Now she has nothing but praises. I don’t think so. She’ll ride it for all it’s worst. She’s friend with some of them mainly Janet. But all she looks like is two faced. She should move on, but she won’t she’ll destroy this marriage as she has so many things in her life.

  15. tara says:

    @ LOu: ‘according to MJs friend’… who J. Randy Taraborelli??? LMAO… sure what a joke… well as recent as 9 months before MJ past LMP was still obsessed with MJ & talking sh** bout him to the media calling him ‘the biggest mistake of her life’ in her sept. 08 Marie Claire mag. interview not to mention her like 8,000,000,000 interviews prior to that where all she did was talk bout mj. lol… they weren’t ‘in touch’ hun LMP WISHES MJ GAVE HER THE TIME OF DAY BEFORE HE PASSED!LOL!!!

  16. Astris says:


    The Marie Claire Mag interview was months before he passed. LM forgot that she stated that he called her for the 1st time in years to wish her well and congratulate her on her twins. Her own words were it ended very badly and we never spoke again.” I hate a hypocrite who uses the fans and is now insisting this barrage of flowers at Forest Lawn to make herself feel better. And no doubt embarrass the Jackson’s. Why I have no idea. But this was about her not about him deserving the best. When are the fans gonna stop ignoring this attention whore and call her on her mess. She’s the last person who should be there.

  17. Tanya says:

    Yes, exactly. I can’t understand why the hell LMP was even invited to MJ’s funeral. All she has done since SHE divorced him is to slander him publicly and do her best to hype up the whole ‘Wacko’ stigma surrounding him. Very cruel and spiteful…and all because MJ would not take her back. It is so obvious why she (very) quickly decided to write her hypocritical, pathetic blog. Maybe she didn’t want to be receiving any hate-mail!

    People would have more respect for LMP if she just admitted to being completely obsessed and in love with MJ and hell bent on hurting him because he refused to get back with her after she had divorced him for the first time. (I don’t think anyone could really blame MJ for that)! lol

  18. Astris says:

    I have wondered about that myself, but why did she go? I see she’s friends with Janet and maybe Katherine and who knows she may have been invited because she treated him the way she did to hurt her conscious. But I wonder seriously about the actions of the family at times-not all but most.
    I have a friend who has her on Myspace and now I’m told that you have to use email or something like that. I think she did get hate mail and the flower campaign has gotten sickening. But I understand her current husband is very supporting. I do think she has finally found Mr. Right, but I see what she does based on everything she has done as still using him and now his fans. She must be desperate to sell her new album.
    In my opinion the obsession was because he wouldn’t take her back. That was MJ’s mistake, he should not have even entertained her and he realized it later. As far as love obsession and love are completely different. LM loves herself, her mom and her kids.

  19. Astris says:

    There are different reasons people are invited to funerals. There was what I call at that burial some characters. The family, Liz Taylor, Chris Tucker Debbie Rowe and a few others should have been all that was invited.
    Going should have killed her conscious instead she has had time to think of ways to get in with the fans. Not me.

  20. Jay says:

    Last time I checked, she said marrying MJ was the biggest mistake of her life. She is freaking ungrateful and I would of killed to be in her shoes. Careless and ungrateful biatch

  21. Lin says:

    She was bitter because unlike her, Michael did not love her as a woman. Everyone knows it. That marriage was a sham for him, not for Lisa. He even vanished for weeks and she didn’t know where he was, her own husband. If Michael loved her so much he never would do a thing like that. Of course nobody would admit the truth…

  22. lili says:

    I totally agree with you why would he disappear during six weeks if we love someone. two days ok but six weeks. Come on he didn’t care about her.It’s just because she’s a Presley that’s why nobody want admit it. Also because she’s white. How many time he stated that he loved her I never find any quote. But he always stated his love for Diana Ross , but people don’t care especially the media. He putted her on his will nobody care.

  23. Norm says:

    That child-molester got what he deserved,God took him out and now he is burning in hell,SCREW HIM!!! I hope he burn’s in HELL for ETERNITY… FU Wacko Jacko

  24. Acai says:

    Norm!!!!! Norman…
    Everything you’ve said shows you don’t have any semblance of originality at all.
    Come into the 21st century why don’t you. Stop feeding on day-old stale bread.
    Anyway, I have a feeling Michael’s far far away from hell my friend. The moment his soul left this world, he stepped out of HELL. It’s you and I who are in hell… and your hateful comment proves it.

  25. JOYETHBENT says:

    how long did Debbie stay with MJ Lisa was still screwing MJ in elevator, because they love each other

  26. mj lover says:

    Joyethbent, Lisa wasn’t screwing MJ at all, she was chasing him to get back with him and he didn’t want her back. MJ was so smart and he loved Debbie

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