Lisa Marie Presley Thanks ‘ET’ For Holding On Twins Story

posted an update on her blog at MySpace on Friday (August 8), discussing the news ‘Entertainment Tonight’ broke that she was pregnant with twins. Elvis’ daughter had earlier told the television program by accident that she was having twins, but they agreed not to broadcast the news until she was ready, a decision Presley praised. “They are one of the last remaining Entertainment news shows that has kept its dignity and high standards in the current morally degraded climate we are now in,” Presley writes. “In the past couple of years, high profile type people seem to have less and less rights, less privacy and protection. The onslaught of internet and tabloid sites mostly want only blood now. They have managed to make being a public figure a 24/7 public stoning and execution of various sorts. Some obviously more brutal than others. It is so nice that ET does not engage in that and that they still respect people, entertainers and artists. That they see and respect their value in society and still give them some dignity and respect.”

The entire post has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley Thanks ‘ET’ For Holding On Twins Story

  1. lois says:

    congratulations on your twins..want to thank-you Lisa for speaking out about the religion,of John Travolta,as also I want to-send my sorrow to the family.please let them know my heart goes out to a great-fan of your dads, and wishing your dad a happy birthday-an he is up-there rocking & rolling..

  2. lois says:

    Hello Lisa-an thanks to your mother on Larry King,loved it about Graceland. My husband an I have been to hope is one day of meeting you an your mother.also we are remembering your dad on his 74-birthday yesterday.we have a Pomeranian,{DOG}fur-baby,named “RASCAL”he was born on your fathers birthday.he was 9(yesterday}.thank-you Lisa. I’m a fan of yours.

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