Lisa Marie Presley Wrong About Velveeta Ad

Roger Friedman of is questioning the report where Lisa Marie Presley criticized ex-husband Michael Jackson for licensing her father’s ‘Burning Love’ being used in a Velveeta commercial. Friedman says, “First of all, honey, Elvis Presley was a great performer — but he didn’t write the songs, OK? Lieber and Stoller wrote a bunch of them. In the case of ‘Burning Love,’ it was a guy named Dennis Linde. Your name is not Lisa Marie Linde.” Read more.

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One thought on “Lisa Marie Presley Wrong About Velveeta Ad

  1. jenna says:

    Lisa Marie is so STUPID! LOL!!! she’s always blaming MJ 4 everything & every little problem in her misrable life as if he caused it! that bitch was so obsessed with him. get ur facts straight Lisa before you go making urslf look like a dumb bitch that you already r!!! LOL!!!
    BTW… don’t know if you got the memo yet Lisa but MJ DIDNT end up like ur DRUG ADDICT father… go look up the autopsy report(if you actually know how 2 do that!) his system was clean & he was HEALTHY!… maybe you should disregard ur pathetic blog hun!=}~

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