Lisa Marie Upset With Jacko Shilling Elvis Tunes

Lisa Marie complains to the new issue of Jane magazine that she’s currently “nowhere” with her love life and reflected on her ill-fated marriages to and Nicolas Cage. Elvis Presley’s only offspring says she hates the fact that Jackson owns the rights to some of her late dad’s songs, telling Jane: “I saw a Velveeta commercial, and it was playing, I think, ‘Burning Love.’ [Jackson] had approved it – that’s something we can’t control. He can do whatever he wants with the songs he owns to make money, and that got under my skin.”

Jacko’s Birthday Party For Dad Goes Wacko

August 5, 2003 – Globe magazine reports Michael Jackson’s big Neverland Ranch bash for his father Joe’s 75th birthday turned into a nightmare, after too many guests but too few A-list celebs attended, and a lack of food and drink led to angry partygoers. After more than 1,200 people piled in to Jacko’s home instead of what Jacko thought would be only 400, he “couldn’t stand the sight of all those people traipsing over his property,” according to an insider. “He refused to come out of his house, then bolted the ranch in a huff less than midway through the party.” One angry partygoer remarked, “There weren’t enough bathrooms, and the wine and champagne seemed like they only lasted 10 minutes. The food also ran out and, after that, all I could get to eat was candy bars.”

Jackson Is Turning Japanese

August 1, 2003 – E! Online reports Michael Jackson has just inked a deal to become the inspiration for a line of clothing in Japan. Japanese clothing manufacturer Wakita says it will create a line of suits and formal wear that will be hawked in department stores all throughout the country. “You know those clothes Michael wears on the stage? They won’t quite be that wild because we do have to sell in bulk to regular people,” spokesman Junichi Ota tells the Associated Press, which, alas, also means “no glove.”

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6 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Upset With Jacko Shilling Elvis Tunes

  1. right_wing says:

    I like Lisa Marie I’ve got a lot of respect for her, it must be so hard growing up in your father’s shadow like that, and not just any famous father but Elvis but she seems really down to earth considering.

  2. Tig says:

    She will do anything to promote her poorly selling CD, ok, how bout this. Get some singing lessons, leave your father’s celebrity alone and then make a public worthy CD. All she talks about is her men…who cares…It’s the Music, The Music, The Music. I don’t care who she spreads her fat legs for. Can she sing???Can She write??? Is she an artist or a Model???? Those issues are important.

  3. fpasko says:

    Lisa Marie Presley, doesn’t have the greatest voice. No one ever claimed she did, and she herself didn’t either. Her voice is fine. I kinda like it actually, because she doesn’t sound like every other female artists, that are out right now. Her voice has a low..husky…feel to it, which is cool. Yea, she talks about her men. So what. Is that a crime? Have you even heard her whole cd? If you haven’t, then you can’t make judgements on the whole CD then. As far as her CD sales go, well it just went gold in the USA(which is where I’m from..I don’t know where you are). Having a gold album, is pretty good. She just released her 2nd single, give her a break.

  4. amanda says:

    OMG!!! is she kidding me?!?! lol! this bitch needs 2 get over it already!!! she’s blamed & was mad @ MJ 4 everything… now she was mad @ him over a damn cheese commercial?!?!?LMFAO!!! grow up & get a life Lisa!!!

  5. Astris says:

    Exactly! Why didn’t she and her mom buy music? I can see Pricilla blight when Elvis first died. But why didn’t LM buy music? Blame everyone but yourself.

  6. tara says:

    lol! all that spoiled ugly fat whore does is whine & complain about something! damn is she ever satisfied about anything?! no wonder all her marriages failed, she had 2 find someone whos just as much an ugly loser as her(the guy she’s with now)to put up with her sh**! the king wasn’t having it nor was nic (hes got chicks trowing themslf @ him left& right why would he put up with an ugly fat spoiled whining whore?!)& her 1st hubby… well he got the grandkids of the king of rock that’s good enough 4 him!LOL! Lisa, there r kids out there who’d be gratful if they @ least had flipflops 2 put on their feet & clean h2o 2 drink STOP BITCHIN & COMPLAINING BOUT SO MANY DAMN THINGS GEEZ THE WRLD DOESN’T REVOLVE AROUND U!!!
    WHA, WHA, WHA!!! ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! NOW GO GET ME MY BOTTLE!!! WHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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